September 2014. When a known hacktivist group planned to shut down a pro sporting event telecast and hijack stadium systems and security, the stadium authority engaged SpearTip to mitigate the threat just hours before game time.

Our team worked on-site and off-site, repelling every attack, outmaneuvering hacktivist advances, and securing every cyber entry.

Not a single fan knew of the attack. Not a second of the network broadcast was interrupted. And an attempted act of terrorism, which would have shaken our nation, ended quietly in failure.

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Cyber Security:
Your Corporate Assets Are at Risk.

If you rely on appliances and software alone to safeguard your most valuable information and assets, prepare to be breached.

It’s time to focus on the criminals, their motives and their methods, as well as their technology. It’s time for SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence.

At SpearTip, we utilize military, government, and law enforcement investigative strategies and techniques, as well as the world’s most advanced technology, to mitigate cyber threats and the risks they pose.

No one else in the private sector offers the advanced cyber counterintelligence methods we use to outthink, outsmart and outmaneuver cyber criminals. It’s how we save assets, how we save reputations, and how we save companies from invisible threats from across the globe.