Security Operations Center

Threat actors do not cease from trying to breach your environment and access your business-critical data. For this reason, you need focused, dedicated, industry-leading, around-the-clock protection that does not cease in defending against threat actors. SpearTip’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is the solution.

Fully Managed Security

SpearTip’s fully managed Security Operations Center is more than a place or single-pronged software. Our SOC is a 24/7/365 command center where our certified, experienced engineers keep watch over our partner environments, empowered and prepared to remediate any suspicious activity in real-time. While our security team is the SOC’s life force, our ShadowSpear Platform gives our team a decisive advantage over threat actors attempting to breach your environment.

The ShadowSpear Platform is an integrable security solution with the combined capabilities of SIEM, AV, MDR, Content Filtering, and Anti-phishing tools, plus much more. Our SOC provides your business a team of experienced professionals, 24×7 monitoring and support, and a proven cybersecurity tool dedicated to ensuring threat actors never establish a foothold in your environment.

24/7/365 Threat Monitoring and Remediation

Threat actors target organizational ‘off-hours’ as overnights, weekends, and holidays account for nearly 75% of all cyberattacks. They do this because security teams are often under-staffed or out of the office during these times. Furthermore, building a dedicated team of security engineers and analysts is an expensive endeavor.

Partnering with SpearTip’s team of certified analysts and engineers can immediately provide your organization 24/7 threat hunting, network monitoring, and real-time remediation of malicious activity so threat actors do not gain a foothold in your environment, regardless of when they attack.

Availability Vs Security (Alert Fatigue)

In 70% of Incident Response cases, a security alert was generated, which could have prevented the attack. Oftentimes, this unnecessary oversight results from a combination of having in-house IT teams manage too many security tools or a lack of 24x7 personnel dedicated to monitoring threats.

Offloading the responsibility of cybersecurity to SpearTip’s SOC will allow your current IT team to refocus its efforts on providing the indispensable support your clients need to optimize their businesses. With our SOC incorporated into your security stack, you can eliminate the problems associated with alert fatigue and overload while netting a security team efficiency gain of several-hundred-thousand dollars per year due to not having to hire additional staff and dedicating your team to growing your business.

The Benefits of a 24/7/365 SOC for Your Business

Prioritize Cybersecurity and Avoid Ransomware

Our threat intelligence indicates that approximately 37% of all small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations experienced a ransomware attack in the last year. There is no suggestion that in the long-term, ransomware attacks are set to slow down. Because of this continual threat, SpearTip built the ShadowSpear Platform, an integrable security tool powered by our 24/7 SOC, allowing you to focus on your core IT objectives while gaining industry-leading protection against the malicious threats of today and those you can expect in the future.

Elevate Industry Compliance and Insurance Requirements

With the number of regulatory, legislative, and industry-specific standards of interest raising the bar for insurance requirements and legal compliance, sometimes just figuring out what needs to be done is overwhelming. By teaming up with our SOC, achieving and maintaining compliance standards will become a simplified process, no matter what your size or industry.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Offerings

By partnering with SpearTip’s SOC, you will immediately enhance your cybersecurity posture. Our extensive experience gained through responding to tens of thousands of security incidents improves your operational, procedural, and technical control gaps based on security standards.
• Phishing Training
• Incident Response Retainer
• Penetration Testing
• Tabletop Exercises

What Our Partners Are Saying

Managed IT Service Provider, VP of Technology

"The frequency of events was rising, and the attacks were becoming more sophisticated, going from recovering from backups to business-crippling attacks."

Managed IT Service Provider, VP of Technology

"We reached a point where we realized that building our own SOC team wasn't the best choice for us. part of it was that we realized that it would take a long time to build out a true SOC team and we wouldn't be able to effectively support our clients at a reasonable cost."

Financial Services, Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management

"They came as a complete package to monitor threats and vulnerabilities. So, it replaced any tool we would've used."

CSO of Healthcare MSP

"If I had to hire staff to do these same types of security initiatives, it would cost me two, three times as much. It gives me more freedom to use those dollars to repurpose and bring in dedicated talent to do things that are going to help move the business forward financially."

    SOC Certifications

    See how SpearTip stays up to date with industry security standards. All of the certifications below are held by members of our team.

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