About SpearTip

SpearTip was founded in 2005 by Jarrett Kolthoff. A former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent with more than two decades of experience in the Information Security field, Jarrett is one of the industry’s most respected authorities on cyber crime, cyber terrorism, cybersecurity and cyber counterintelligence.


SpearTip is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with additional locations in Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Tampa. St. Louis is home to our 24 hour onsite Security Operations Center (SOC) with more than 30 full-time senior security analysts and engineers, with a second onsite SOC currently under construction in our Dallas office.


Our team is comprised professionals in diverse areas of system assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics (network and disk based), malware reverse engineering, incident response, interrogation, counterintelligence, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and cyber warfare. SpearTip’s cyber professionals utilize combined backgrounds and abilities of technical, Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and real-world experience to protect organizations on a daily basis working closely with various government and law enforcement agencies including the FBI and providing technical briefings to senior military staff in order to respond to advanced threats.

Why Choose SpearTip?

SpearTip is a cyber security consulting services provider. We are not a value-added reseller (VAR) and our services are technology agnostic. When asked SpearTip will recommend the latest and greatest technology but our services always focus on the bigger picture. We provide consulting services within three main functional areas, Incident Response/Digital Forensics, Assessment Services and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), in order to assist our partners through several types of engagements. At SpearTip our goal is to be your security partner to help strengthen your organization and reduce your risk.


We approach cybersecurity differently utilizing fusion cell methodologies specifically developed to provide private sector companies with proven military cyber counterintelligence strategies that protect them from both domestic and international threats. In military parlance, “tip of the spear” refers to the first and most meaningful action in an offensive or engagement. Our highly technical teams dig deep into malicious activity and vulnerabilities inside our partner’s environment, in order to identify the bad actors behind the activity.


Elite Cyber Operatives

We deploy top tier, highly-trained experts on every assignment to uncover threats our competitors have never seen, nor taken the time to validate.


Technology and Methodology

The world’s most sophisticated cyber incident handling methodologies, elite talent and our advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) give you an unbeatable security asset.


Sophisticated Data, Simplified

We distill complicated data findings and translate them into actionable information and intelligence, written in clear, easy-to-understand language. We don’t just dump data.


Custom-Tailored Solutions

We are solely focused on our client partners. This focus allows us to deliver custom solutions based on your unique needs, budget, and organizational structure.