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When choosing which cyber security company will protect your business, it is critical to vet the leadership. Get to know our experts and what sets them apart from the competition.

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SpearTip’s leadership team is comprised of highly skilled professionals from the IT, counterintelligence, audit, marketing and electrical system control fields.

Jarrett Kolthoff


A former Special Agent – U.S. Army Counterintelligence, with more than two decades of experience in the field of Information Security, Jarrett stands as one of the industry’s most respected authorities on cyber crime, cyber terrorism, cybersecurity and cyber counterintelligence. A hands-on leader with a natural ability for teaching and assembling multi-disciplined teams, Jarrett is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, lecturer and developer of university cybersecurity curriculums. In his downtime, Jarrett serves on multiple charity boards and leads community improvement activities.

Analyst, security, protect network, expert computer forensic witness, network security, penetration testing

Benjamin Auton

Vice President

As Vice President of Operations and Security Services, Ben leads multiple teams of highly-skilled operatives as they protect the interests of SpearTip’s clients. Ben is that rare individual who can analyze and interpret complex data and information, then communicate his findings in clear, concise, layman’s terms. This skill makes Ben invaluable in bridging the gap between business leaders and technically advanced cybersecurity professionals. Away from the office, Ben can regularly be found in the community raising awareness about how to protect against current cybercriminal threats and public exploitation.

CFO, financials, executive, team

Chris Fava

Chief Financial Officer

When it comes to finances, Chris makes the numbers work at SpearTip. Chris brings over three decades of accounting and business experience to the SpearTip team, after having worked in Construction and Commercial Real Estate for most of his career. Chiefly among Chris’ duties are annual budgeting, creation of monthly financial statements, and external reporting to financial institutions and other outside entities, as well as both short- and long-term strategic and financial planning.

Joe Hoosech

Director, Security Operations

A decorated member of the United States Marine Corps, Joe attained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) before retiring from active duty in 2005. At SpearTip, Joe is tasked with continually improving internal processes, as cybersecurity strategies and tactics adapt, evolve and change seemingly by the minute. Joe’s dedication and commitment to every organization the company serves can be seen across multiple disciplines ranging from Incident Responses, Assessments, and Digital Forensics, to Managed Detection and Response.

Jonathan Tock

Director, Security Operations

In his role at SpearTip, Jonathan is laser-focused on stopping cybercrime and responding to cyberthreats around the globe. Jonathan’s team of cyber counterintelligence operatives monitor hundreds of thousands of endpoints worldwide from SpearTip’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). Among his many duties, Jonathan oversees all operations functions, while also employing cutting edge and emerging technologies, detailed technical research and every available resource to identify and stop emerging threats. A natural-born teacher, Jonathan has become a popular university guest lecturer and panelist.