Breach Assessment

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“Am I currently compromised and just don’t know it?”

A Three-Pronged Approach Breach Assessment


Here are 8 simple protocols you can execute prior to your breach assessment that will help
improve your overall cyber security program. Common sense practices and a diligent approach to
protecting your systems and networks are the first steps to preventing a breach.

Be sure you know where your organization’s most critical data and information are stored. Keep an active list of who has access to the information and monitor when files are accessed.
Make all passwords employee-specific, require regularly-scheduled complex password updating, and insist upon 2-factor authentication where most appropriate. For added protection, immediately shut down access for exiting employees and monitor access for employees who have announced their
What good is an elite cyber security program, if someone can merely walk up to a computer, plug in a drive and start downloading? In addition to prohibiting removable media, make sure your hardware environment makes attempting to use such a device as difficult as possible.
One of the smartest plans you can have is to restrict access to only those devices approved and encrypted by your organization. This simple step will allow your IT department to monitor who accesses your networks and systems and what devices were used for access. As always, knowledge is power.
Intrusion monitoring should be mission-critical for your IT department as a part of its cyber security program. Another key indicator of possible intrusions is multiple log-in failures. Use advanced monitoring techniques to Identify intruders before they become invaders to effectively halt the breach before it begins.
Never trust your vendors’ security standards and background checks. Ensure that every vendor allowed access to your organization is fully screened for cyber security. Due diligence is essential. Once access is allowed, create a highly scrutinized monitoring and reporting system.
When it comes to cyber security, the buck needs to stop with someone. One person should “own” cyber security and compliance throughout your organization, whether that person works in IT, Security, Compliance, or Legal.
With the cost of the average breach extending well into the millions of dollars, an insurance policy could be one of the wisest purchases you make for your business. The cost of insurance premiums are minimal compared to the damage associated with a breach.