Tips for Protecting Health Information From Zero Day Malware Attacks

Zero Day Malware Attacks – How To Protect Health Information Before It’s Too LateBy: Jarrett KolthoffZero Day malware is a ticking time bomb, prepared to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting health care facilities, administrators, practitioners, and patients. This malware can reside undetected in health information systems for weeks, months, and even years. Then, [...]

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Cyber Kill Chain

The term “Cyber-Kill Chain” has been used in various corners of the cyber security world to describe the different stages of a compromise. The Cyber-Kill Chain is an all-encompassing descriptive model which outlines seven steps typically taken by attackers during the course of a breach. The Cyber-Kill Chain includes actions taken before an attack such [...]

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Zero Day Malware

The necessity for advanced malware analysis has never been greater, as malware is developed much like the software applications used today. Sophisticated teams have the development cycles to create malware packages that seek to persist and perform malicious tasks as instructed by their authors. Malware continues to advance as malware analysis techniques they look to [...]

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Encrypted Malware Analysis

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER The analysis of encrypted malware utilizes traditional Dynamic Analysis, Active Memory Analysis and cutting edge “Trace Analysis”, allowing for a more holistic approach towards malware analysis from three differing perspectives. All three “prongs” of this methodology involve the analysis of “Data In Execution” which significantly reduces, and in some cases negates, the effectiveness of the anti-forensic [...]

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Observational Malware Analysis

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER The idea and practice of encrypting or obfuscating malware has been around since the early to mid 1980s. Malware authors quickly realized that to be successful at introducing and spreading their creations; they would need to take steps to not only conceal the malware’s behavior, but they would need to take steps [...]

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