Shielding your “Secret Sauce” against Cyber Espionage

Hard work, sweat-equity, and tenacity have historically been the underpinnings of entrepreneurship. However, there is a business model that has been supplanting these age-old tenants. The epoch of home-grown inventiveness has regrettably been superseded by an era where replication, fraud, and misappropriation are exponentially more financially lucrative. This is particularly evidenced by the fact that [...]

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Keep Your Cyber Counterintelligence Adversaries Closer

With a potential attack looming against Syria, it is critical to assess how that nation might be able to inflict a forceful counter-strike. Due to the limited capabilities of the Syrian military, it’s highly unlikely that retaliation will take the form of a physical response. There is, however, a capability that has a tendency to [...]

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The Pervasiveness of Foreign Collection Efforts via Cyber Espionage

When one analyzes todays’ cyber threat landscape, a major takeaway is the pervasive amount of international intrigue. However, gone are the black and white trench coats that delineated which team a given side represented. They have been replaced by cyber cafe combatants outfitted with laptops and dressed in their “fluffies”. Even though this may evoke [...]

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The Indispensability of Cyber Counterintelligence

The inevitability of cyber security breaches is forcing organizations to crank up the gain vis-à-vis robust and continuous monitoring. Ideally, this monitoring will include elements derived through analytically applied threat forensics. If your organization is not yet retaining a provider that specializes in this technique, referred to as “Cyber Counterintelligence”, you may be significantly behind in [...]

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Intellectual Property: Economic Impact of Zero Day Malware

Zero Day Malware-induced Intellectual Property theft attacks, by disreputable actors, have wreaked financial havoc throughout the world’s financial centers and corporate headquarters, in many instances utilizing cyber platforms and strategies originated by those lurking in the dark-net. This is exemplified by the premise that it’s typically easier to misappropriate (read “steal”) something and use it [...]

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Assume Your Cyber Counterintelligence Battle Stations

"Cyber compromise" is too undemonstrative of a term to apply to the data security predicament we find ourselves in today. The “we” applies to any organizations or individuals that have operational information that may be at risk…whether public or private, governmental or corporate. The term we should be applying to this constant struggle is Cyber [...]

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China launches cyber espionage campaign at SECRET Mongolian base

China is set to hold its first ever digital war games, amidst growing US concerns about alleged Chinese espionage focused on military technology. State news agency Xinhua reported that the People's Liberation Army will be holding exercises next month to "test new types of combat forces including units using digital technology amid efforts to adjust to informationalised war". [...]

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Congress quietly restricts ability to purchase Chinese equipment

Congress quietly tucked in a new cyber-espionage review process for U.S. government technology purchases into the funding law signed this week by President Barack Obama, reflecting growing American concerns over Chinese cyber attacks. The law prevents NASA, and the Justice and Commerce Departments from buying information technology systems unless federal law enforcement officials give their approval. [...]

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Compromised TeamViewer used during cyber espionage campaign

Researchers have unearthed a decade-long espionage operation that used the popular TeamViewer remote-access program and proprietary malware to target high-level political and industrial figures in Eastern Europe. TeamSpy, as the shadow group has been dubbed, collected encryption keys and documents marked as "secret" from a variety of high-level targets, according to a report published Wednesday by Hungary-based [...]

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