U.S. Army Reservist, Benjamin Bishop, charged in espionage case

A defense contractor living in Kapolei is accused of leaking U.S. military secrets. The Army reservist with a top secret security clearance allegedly shared classified data with his girlfriend who is a Chinese national. Court documents revealed that Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, met the 27-year-old in Hawaii at a conference on international military defense. Investigators [...]

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The Harsh Realities of Corporate Espionage

Recently, the stories have been pouring in of companies and countries being victimized by corporate espionage. From China to Finland, Russia to the United Kingdom, and most importantly, here at home in the United States. The face of corporate espionage is a scary one, considering the people who steal this protected information are safely [...]

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Balancing Cyber Security and Our Basic American Freedoms

FBI Director Robert Mueller testified before Congress last year warning that hacking could soon substitute terrorism as the FBI's new primary concern. This comes in the wake of recent cyber attacks that have resulted in what General Keith Alexander, head of the military's Cyber Command, refers to as "the greatest transfer of wealth in history." [...]

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Cyber Attacks From China | Chinese Military Seen As Major Threat

In an extensive 74 page report released just this past Thursday, a United States computer security firm, Mandiant, is reporting that at least 140 organizations in 20 major industries have experienced a loss of colossal amounts of data due to cyber attacks launched by the Chinese military. The report stems back to 2006, and comes [...]

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Express Scripts sues Ernst & Young over Corporate Espionage

Express Scripts Inc. sued the accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP and one of its partners for the alleged theft of trade secrets and misappropriation of the pharmacy benefit manager’s confidential and proprietary data. The Express Scripts Holding Co. unit said in a complaint filed yesterday in state court in Clayton, Missouri, that it learned last [...]

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Creators of Gozi Bank Malware Charged in New York

By Kim Zetter The mastermind who designed and distributed the Gozi malware that infected more than a million computers worldwide in order to steal banking and other credentials from tens of thousands of victims has been charged in New York along with two co-conspirators, according to documents unsealed Wednesday. Nikita Vladimirovich Kuzmin, 25, was charged [...]

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Industrial Espionage: AMD files suit against former employees working for Nvidia

By Joel Hruska AMD has filed (and been granted) a request for immediate injunctive relief against multiple former employees that it alleges stole thousands of confidential documents. Named in the complaint are Robert Feldstein, Manoo Desai, Nicholas Kociuk, and Richard Hagen. All four left AMD to work at Nvidia in the past year. The loss [...]

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