Questions Directors Should Be Asking About Cybersecurity.

Cybercrime has quickly become the single greatest threat to most businesses, with damages projected to top $6 trillion by 2021 , just three short years away. Directors need to prioritize cybersecurity and make the topic a substantive issue during all conversations. The following questions are essential for Directors of all organizations, large and small, in [...]

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New SEC Cybersecurity Directives For Accountants

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently released its 2018 Guidance on Public Company Cybersecurity Disclosures, which targets two new areas of concern: Cybersecurity policies and procedures, and insider trading prohibitions, specifically those revolving around cyber breach notifications to the public. The role of accounting and the CFO will be critical in assuring guidelines are met [...]

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Ask the Experts (STL Business Journal Article)

Check out SpearTip's CEO, Jarrett Kolthoff's interview with the St. Louis Business Journal as he addresses changing cyber regulations and how they will affect your organization. Questions addressed: Could cyber security legislation put my business at financial risk? Will there be increased accountability for Executives and Directors? Will legislation address B-to-B issues as well [...]

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Consumer Cyber Best Practices

The end of the year is a valuable time to clean up bad cyber habits. With a new year comes new opportunities for both you, and the bad guys. Bad guys prey on ignorance to compromise your identity and assets. I frequently hear, “I’m not worth a whole lot so bad guys aren’t going to [...]

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Are Your Firewalls and Antivirus Keeping You Safe

Nearly every day I'm asked if an impressive firewall configuration is enough to prevent malware from entering a company's environment, or I overhear someone's overconfidence in their own security architecture. Unfortunately, no matter how many rules you write, or ports you close, utilizing firewalls as your go to defense against your organizations cyber adversaries is [...]

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BrickerBot & Phlashing your IoT

Malware Aims to Brick IoT Devices Home automation is a growing trend, and as smart technology evolves so does the consumer’s in home use for it. We have smart devices everywhere: TVs, refrigerators, washers, driers, even light bulbs, just to name a few items that ultimately comprise the Internet of [...]

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