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Right now, cyber criminals and terrorists from across the globe are targeting businesses, private organizations and governments. That means you are at risk of losing financial assets, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical data, consumer information and much more. It’s why you need SpearTip.

SpearTip employs advanced technologies, investigative techniques and sophisticated tools previously available only to heads of state and at executive levels of government. Our methodologies advance cyber security to national security level cyber counterintelligence. Other “so-called” cyber security providers simply cannot replicate our practices, our programs or our level of success.

Our record speaks for itself. SpearTip stands alone as your best weapon in the fight against security breaches. Our philosophy is simple: it’s not enough to identify threats. True cyber protection can only occur when you outmaneuver your adversary.

Data Interpretation Rather than Data Gathering and Reporting.

At SpearTip, we don’t merely gather data; we interpret it in ways that allow us to find breaches and compromised areas of your network security that traditional cyber security companies commonly miss.

With today’s media frenzy for cyber breach stories, one mistake could result in permanent financial devaluation and the loss of public confidence in your company. It’s a risk you can’t afford to take.

Human Intelligence Gathering Combined with Advanced Cyber Security Technology.

Cyber Counterintelligence provides you with a distinct advantage over threat agents targeting your assets. By profiling these criminals, by understanding their methods and motivations, we not only help end threats to your business, we can often:

  • Identify the culprits
  • Help you bring them to justice
  • Testify on your behalf
  • Help recover assets

Cyber Security Compliance Standards Will Leave You Vulnerable and at Extreme Risk.

Compliance equals complacency. The only way to truly protect your most valuable data and trade secrets is to enlist SpearTip to develop a cyber counterintelligence program specific to your company. Anything less opens your assets to compromise.