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Counter gives Speartip’s SOCs and an internal team the ability to immediately react to malicious activity on an endpoint and outmaneuver your adversary™.

counter shadowspear platform
counter shadowspear

Outmaneuver Your Adversary

Utilizing advanced remote response capabilities, Counter enables you to engage the adversary prior to the compromise. ShadowSpear’s Counter module provides an advanced orchestration interface that can allow you to automate specific integrations between your hosts and other relevant security systems including vulnerability scanning software. With prebuilt response actions, SpearTip’s SOC combines data and workflows to automatically respond to an elevated attack inside the environment, reducing response times and speeding up investigations.

Counter Your Adversary in Real-Time

ShadowSpear’s Counter provides the ability to immediately take action on any host within an environment. The access enables SpearTip’s SOCs or an internal team to take action at any time if the environment comes under attack. This level of access provides the ability to completely remediate attacks with response actions that ensure forensic collection and full remediation.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Ability to execute scripts and response actions
  • Enables Remote Forensic Artifact Collection
  • Works on and off the corporate network
counter dashboard
counter shadowspear dashboard

Remote Forensics and Investigations

Counter provides a robust interface for remotely analyzing endpoints to quickly investigate potentially malicious activity regardless of where the endpoint is located.

Recover and Remediate

Leveraging Counter, SpearTip’s SOC immediately responds and remediates malware detected within the environment.

24/7 Security Operations Centers

Nearly 70% of Incident Response cases start with a missed security alert that could have fully prevented the incident from occurring. Engage with our cyber experts and gain immediate access to expertise needed to protect your organization.

counter managed soc

Why Invest in ShadowSpear?

Detection is only half the battle. Counter provides you with real time response capabilities to Counter adversaries on all endpoints through the environment. With the ShadowSpear Platform, SpearTip’s SOC will go to work immediately responding to active threats within your environment. From isolating endpoints to securely collecting forensic artifacts, Counter gives you the ability to react in real-time.

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Total Economic Impact™

  • 254% ROI
  • $1.91M Net Present Value (NPV)
  • < 6 Months Payback