Cybersecurity Solutions Designed for Critical Infrastructure

Threat actors both nation-state and criminal are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure. A disruption to critical infrastructure can impact the lives of thousands of people. SpearTip has designed solutions that help address these elevated risks.

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SpearTip Defends℠ Critical Infrastructure

Downtime is harmful to any business but becomes especially catastrophic when those businesses provide critical services to consumers and other organizations. ShadowSpear helps ensure the critical supplies and processes remain operable. Get a simple and efficient protection solution in place to safeguard your reputation, avoid downtime, and continue to provide vital services to the public.

ShadowSpear was designed to integrate with even the most complex networks and works with IT and OT Technology. Whether you need to address the security of an air-gapped network or are working with legacy systems, SpearTip’s SOC will go to work protecting these environments from devastating compromises.

speartip defends critical infrastructure

Why Work with SpearTip?

Government, Industrial, Energy, Nuclear, Food and Agriculture, and many other sectors provide important pieces for citizens and the global economy. ShadowSpear provides the protection to ensure these organizations are not disrupted by a devastating cyberattack

ShadowSpear Platform
ShadowSpear Platform has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems, protecting manufacturing plants of all sizes from devastating cyberattacks.
Rapid Response Team
Our Security Operations Center is staffed 24/7 with certified engineers working to monitor any incident preventing data breaches in any manufacturer's network.
Comply With Regulations
With new mandates are implemented in manufacturing industries, SpearTip helps navigate the complexities of meeting and maintaining compliance regulations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

A service like what SpearTip offers is going to become as normal as the light bill over the next few years. There is no other way.

Co-Founder, IT Service Provider


We have a diversified suite of cybersecurity solutions that were born from real-world experience, and we use them to protect organizations like yours every day. Our highly-trained team doesn’t hesitate to share their knowledge.

Rapid Response

SpearTip has a full-service incident response practice that can handle a wide variety of technical requirements of an incident response claim.

Forrester Report

Don’t just take our word for it. See what Forrester and our current clients have to say about our incident response engagements..

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