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Comprehensive Response Services

SpearTip has decades of expert forensic investigation and malware analysis experience. By utilizing SpearTip’s Rapid Response teams you will be able to put this cyber-attack behind you and get back to focusing on business sooner. Alongside the experts, SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform fulfils the mission of immediately stopping the bleed while simultaneously restoring operations. SpearTip offers a wide range of services customized to support and defend you at any stage of an incident response engagement.

SpearTip Incident Response
Reliable Experts That Will Get You Back In Business


No one wants to be held hostage and there's nothing worse than having your business shut down by a cybercriminal demanding tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency. If you're hit with ransomware, our team of experts will act swiftly and effectively to mitigate the threat, restore order in your environment, and get you up and running. SpearTip® responds to hundreds of ransomware attacks every year. We are here to defend you and help you recover. When you engage SpearTip, our expert analysis will assist you in making critical business decisions. We'll work quickly to restore normalcy, address your vulnerabilities, and help keep you out of the headlines.

Business Email Compromise

Business email inboxes contain all sorts of sensitive data and are a ripe target for cybercriminals. Whether they are looking to steal data, commit wire fraud or have other malicious intent business email compromise can be particularly damaging to your organization and reputation. When you engage SpearTip, experts work to quickly restore normalcy, address your email vulnerabilities, and help you understand the full scope of the attack. This analysis will help you make critical decisions that will produce your reputation and keep your organization out of the headlines.

Insider Threats

Insider threats pose one of the greatest cybersecurity risks to your organization. They pose as trusted employees, reliable vendors, and hardworking contractors, who will use their privileged access to do serious harm. We’re adept at catching these criminals and reversing the damage they’ve done. SpearTip experts will go to work mitigating the insider's access and enumerating the full scope of the data theft or other damage done.

Business Impacting Cyber Threats

We excel where others fail when it comes to responding to advanced cyber threats impacting your business. If you are attacked by an advanced attacker SpearTip takes swift action to understand the threat actor and take proactive measures to mitigate the damage. As cybercriminals continue to innovate, web application attacks, eCommerce fraud, credit card theft become more common. SpearTip’s experts can respond to even the most technical attack to prevent continued malicious activity and analyze the impact.

Insurance Backed Response

SpearTip enables insurance providers to gain immediate access to critical cyber incident response and digital forensic expertise on a 24/7/365 basis. We are ready to assist their clients and immediately go to work mitigating the attack. Our expertise enables SpearTip to offer insurance providers both industry-leading response services and control costs associated with responding to a breach. Our flat-rate services enable full pricing transparency and prevent projects from overrunning estimates.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Within an hour of me calling them, they were in my network and doing their thing.

Co-Founder of Managed IT Provider

Why Choose SpearTip Rapid Response

• Experienced Cyber Experts Ready to Assist You Immediately, 24/7/365

• SpearTip’s Around-The-Clock Continuous Investigative Cycle Produces Rapid Forensic Findings

• The ShadowSpear Platform was Purpose-Built for Incident Response and Immediately Resolves Vulnerable Environments

• SpearTip’s Forensic Findings are Court Room Ready and Have Been Proven to Hold Up in Court

• Accurate Estimates and Flat-Rate Pricing Provide Transparent Pricing

$1.1M Data Breach Risk Reduction Valued by Forrester

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