Data Breach Investigations

Chris Swagler | March 8th, 2022


What Is Data Breach Investigation?

A data breach is an occurrence that exposes private or protected information, such as SSN, financial records, passwords, or personal health information. There are many potential causes of a data breach: phishing scams, unsecured network access, criminal infiltration, or an accidental leak due to human error. Whatever the cause of a data breach, it is necessary for any victim to receive support in remediating the damage.

Most post-breach investigations entail a streamlined process that begins with recognition of a breach, either from the victim or a partner offering Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS). An incident response (IR) plan is then initiated in which the intrusion is isolated and backup data secured. What typically follows is an investigation into the nature of the breach and its vulnerabilities corrected through patches in the system or education of personnel. 

The SpearTip Benefit

The number of data breaches and successful ransomware attacks has increased year over year, crippling numerous businesses, exposing individuals’ privileged information, and resulting in billions of dollars in lost revenue. As threat actors and their techniques increase in sophistication, this trend is certain to continue. Fortunately, SpearTip has a team of reliable experts prepared to get you back to business.

The SpearTip team possesses decades of expert forensic investigation and malware analysis experience allowing us to offer a wide range of customized services to support and defend you at any stage of an incident response engagement. By utilizing our rapid response service and ShadowSpear platform, your organization will resume normal operations sooner. Because our certified engineers monitor and investigate threats around the clock from our Security Operations Centers (SOCs), we can immediately identify the cause and nature of a breach while simultaneously neutralizing its impact.

Whether your organization is dealing with a ransomware attack, compromised email system, internal or external threat, or any number of potential incidents, SpearTip’s experts are ready to assist your team 24/7/365. In the event of a breach, your organization will receive tailored support built around your specific needs, resources, and current capabilities. What further sets SpearTip’s data breach investigation apart is that we will join your team on-scene to investigate the incident and execute the recovery plan.

The operation restoration service you will receive extends beyond the identification and neutralization of a threat; we continue to provide threat detection and education until all vulnerabilities have been mitigated, your business operations have been fully restored, and your security posture is strengthened. Our team also has experience preparing and presenting conclusive and convincing forensic findings at trial, if that need were to arise, as our expert testimony has been proven to hold up in court.

At any stage of a data breach, SpearTip is prepared to respond with industry-leading technology, and proven success to ensure your business and its valuable data are protected from threat actors. Throughout all facets of the data breach investigation process, SpearTip Defends You.

If your company is experiencing a breach, call our Security Operations Center at 833.997.7327 to speak directly with an engineer.


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