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Automated Data Breach Analysis. Accurate Data is critical, SpearTip leverages the Power of AI and certified experts to Rapidly define relevant materials for analysis.

data mining

Rapid. Accurate. Results.

Software-based AI-powered and engineer-driven data analysis allow SpearTip to fulfil partner deadlines with confident results. SpearTip deduplicates information while reducing false positives with extreme flexibility to meet ever-changing needs within the changing landscape of compliance.

SpearTip’s Data Mining Process

• Our Forensic Experts get to work immediately to identify your most valuable and personal data during a breach.

• We scan impacted systems and point out the affected data during a breach.

• SpearTip assists in the notification process that could be required by privacy law and regulation.

• Our team digs through large data sets with automation to get results quicker than the competition.

Seamless transition from Incident Response.

AI-Driven Platform to Reduce duplication and Power Faster Results.

Rapid Results to Drive Data Results.

SpearTip’s IR Services Allow for $706,000 Security Team Efficiency Gained

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