Chris Swagler | April 12th, 2022

Decryption Services

How Decryption Services Can Help Recover Companies’ Data

Chris Swagler | April 12th, 2022

What is Decryption Services?

In today’s landscape of cyberattacks, a favorite tactic of threat actors is to encrypt data and hold it for ransom using any number of extortion techniques. When data is accessed by a threat actor, they will transform the digital information into a coded language through the process of encryption. This coded language can only be deciphered through decryption—the use of a key that will restore the language to its original format.

When data is stolen and encrypted by a threat actor, often for the purpose of extorting the victim out of a significant payment, they tend to be the only party in possession of the key. Holding this key is in essence as valuable as the data itself since unlocking the code is the primary way to restore the data. The other method is employing an experienced and knowledgeable team capable of decoding an encryption key and negotiating with threat actors.

The SpearTip Process

If the need for decryption services arises, SpearTip offers three-tiered comprehensive support that begins with a Data Recovery Score (DRS). The decision to engage with a threat actor is often fraught with uncertainties and complexities. Our team of experienced professionals uses proven intelligence to provide a comprehensive assessment in the form of a precise DRS indicating the likelihood of data recovery and restoration. We make an initial effort to recover all possible data while simultaneously organizing the next steps to mitigate potential data losses and avoid a ransom.

The second aspect of SpearTip’s decryption support process is threat actor negotiation. Our trained negotiators handle all components of the process so your team can focus on recovering and running your business. On your behalf, we securely and strategically communicate with the threat actor and get your data decrypted and secured as soon as possible. The negotiation process is rarely simple, so we use proven techniques to ensure the recovery of all data.

After exhausting every possible option to recover your data, SpearTip will manage a ransom settlement should the need arise. While we view paying a threat actor to recover stolen data as the last resort, our goal is to recover and restore all data before it is published online or further extortion techniques are employed. As a money service business, we help you comply with all OFAC and regulatory guidelines regarding any transaction 24/7/365. When your valuable data falls into the hands of malicious threat actors, SpearTip defends you.


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