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No Other Cyber Security Firm Matches SpearTip in the Courtroom

SpearTip could save your company tens of thousands of dollars, possibly more, in legal fees, and could easily be the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit should you be party to litigation.

We can confidently and comfortably say no other cyber security firm, anywhere, can match SpearTip in the legal arena. No one. Period.

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Putting Our Words Into Action

The following white papers shown below provide a deeper understanding of our true technical expertise and capabilities.

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Digital Forensics: Employee Misconduct


Employee misconduct is a real danger faced by companies, both while the employee works at the company, as well as during the period of time just prior to the employee’s departure. A recent study found that 59% of employees leaving former employers are taking sensitive intellectual property.

digital forensics

Investment Fraud: The Growing Threat to Your Financial Security


As legal standards and regulations evolve, institutions must continue to be proactive as it relates to data security. Both internal and external threats pose a significant risk to an organization’s high value data. Financial firms must be proactive and vigilant for attacks focused on their customer’s data and financial interests. Attacks on financial institutions have evolved and attackers interested in compromising financial accounts are targeting individual investor accounts as a way to gain access to the client’s account information.

How We Stand Out From the Crowd

Digital Forensics Advisory and Expert Witness Services.

Our cyber counterintelligence team includes operatives with extensive legal backgrounds, who are anything but strangers to the legal system, evidentiary discovery and courtroom testimony.

Unlike many technical experts who become liabilities when faced with intense legal cross-examination, our Digital Forensics Advisors (DFAs) have high-level legal and governmental backgrounds. This understanding of disparate disciplines allows your SpearTip DFA to partner with counsel to transform complex technical information into solid legal strategies with pinpoint accuracy. We then provide compelling and easily understandable testimony when necessary.

Digital Forensics: Partner with the Experts.

SpearTip’s Digital Forensics Services come grounded in the same disciplined, technical expertise utilized for our information security processes. Our unique ability to convert complex technical data into proven facts, rather than theory, provides you with a deadly weapon against your opposing party.

To help ensure your legal team has the best possible opportunity of gaining a favorable outcome, our comprehensive Digital Forensic Services initiate at the beginning of the litigation, through the searching and processing of electronically stored information (ESI), to the production of documents as exhibits.