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SpearTip's 2021 Forrester Report: Total Economic Impact™

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“They came as a complete package to monitor threats and vulnerabilities. So, it replaced any tool we would’ve used. We did not purchase a SIEM; we’re using ShadowSpear. We did not purchase network monitoring software; we’re using ShadowSpear. We did not purchase additional scanners; we’re using ShadowSpear. All of those things that make up an incident response and threat and vulnerability management team in the cloud is for us, ShadowSpear.”

Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Financial Services

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Download Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of ShadowSpear® and see the value of utilizing the ShadowSpear Platform. 

Total Economic Impact™

  • 254% ROI
  • $1.91M Net Present Value (NPV)
  • < 6 Months Payback

Total Economic Impact™ Of SpearTip ShadowSpear