These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can answer your specific questions.

A: SpearTip is the only provider of cyber counterintelligence to the private sector. Cyber counterintelligence represents the “next level” or future of cyber security. Traditionally, cyber security firms looked only at technology though the eyes of hardware and software programs that served as defensive protection systems for networks, systems architecture and more.At SpearTip, we overlay advanced human intelligence gathering to our unique methodology of analyzing technical data for a complete look at the cyber threat landscape as it pertains to your business. We can more effectively and efficiently mitigate breaches and attacks if we can understand the motive behind the attack as well as the method being used. By profiling your adversary, we’re not only more likely to eliminate the threat, but determine whether it is best to exploit or neutralize the threat.

According to SpearTip President / CEO Jarrett Kolthoff: “No method of intelligence collection can better interlace actionable data through the collection of disparate bits of seemingly unrelated data than cyber counterintelligence. Utilizing our cyber counterintelligence tradecraft, our clients are presented with the ability to respond to active internal and external threats targeting:

  • Valuable intellectual property
  • Trade secrets
  • Proprietary data
  • Financial data and information
  • Electronically stored private information

Cyber counterintelligence provides the best known defense for Advanced persistent threats (APTs), as well as pre-attack intelligence against industrial espionage and hacktivist assaults.”

That’s the short answer, at least.

A: In military parlance, “tip of the spear” refers to the first and most meaningful action in an offensive. In this vein, SpearTip puts comprehensive cyber counterintelligence capabilities at the disposal of your directors, key executives, and chief legal and compliance officers to confront growing threats to technology development, protection of intellectual property, and other essential competitive information.

SpearTip provides a “home” for highly disciplined and accomplished former intelligence and military personnel to continue to serve their country—this time, however, they’re protecting organizations and individuals in the private sector, delivering a level of protection previously reserved only at the highest levels of government.

Individually and as a unit, our commitment and care for each other, our company and our clients, is born of an elite esprit de corps, which is firmly rooted in our service to country.

A: SpearTip is uniquely positioned in the market, enabling our team to provide a full range of cyber counterintelligence services designed to identify, detect, exploit, and neutralize threats targeting organizations both public and private.

Our Cyber Counterintelligence Team conducts penetration testing, malware analysis, digital forensics, human intelligence collection (HUMINT), pre-attack intelligence analysis, open source data review, elicitation techniques, and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). These areas of expertise culminate in an extremely specialized enterprise risk management service mapped to COBIT, NIST, ISO, and/or other industry standards.

A: No two engagements are alike. When searching for the cause of breaches or tracing cyber criminals, there are no “typical days.” While we do perform technical penetration testing, web application assessments, code reviews, wireless assessments, and “social engineering” testing, our engagements are scoped and driven by our proprietary procedures. Each engagement requires various aspects of our capabilities, with the scope being determined by your needs and your needs alone. What we’ve done in the past and what we’ve done for others will never interfere with our commitment to you, nor be morphed into a cookie cutter approach, as is standard with so many other providers.

A: Call us. Don’t even hesitate. Many of our services are not specifically detailed here, on our website. And with good reason. If the cyber criminals who lurk on-line had knowledge of everything we do, many of our advanced directives would be less impactful for the organizations we serve.

Please note, we are selective in the engagements that we accept. If our two organizations simply aren’t a good fit, we will guide you to a firm more specifically aligned with your needs. Our unique position within the market, and deep experience in the world of cyber counterintelligence, has allowed us to establish relationships with a myriad of other organizations, which could possibly assist you.

A: Once we’ve determined that SpearTip can address your specific needs, we will provide you with contact information and a list of references. In some instances, and due to the sensitive nature of our services, our clients may be hesitant to provide specific details of previous engagements. But rest assured, during your reference follow-up, you will, without question, discover how effective, efficient, and results-driven we are.