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Healthcare operations are critical and modern medicine increasingly relies on the availability and confidentiality of information systems. Yet recently, a cyberattack is one of the most likely disasters to strike and disrupt a healthcare organization. With SpearTip, Healthcare can leverage effective and purpose-built solutions to defend against disruptive cyberattacks and protect patient data, allowing them to focus on providing care and improving patient outcomes.


SpearTip Defends℠ Healthcare

Healthcare organizations and ministries face major cybersecurity challenges as they increasingly leverage technology solutions to offer the best possible care to their patients.  Healthcare companies hold some of the largest cyber risks with the biggest data breach cost per record of any industry. A single compliance fine can reach tens of millions of dollars and more importantly damage brand and reputation beyond repair. In addition, healthcare is more and more the target of ransomware operators due to the costly impact of downtime. The ShadowSpear platform is built to help strengthen and improve the security of healthcare technology and infrastructure, allowing providers to pursue innovation while protecting against operational disruptions and safeguarding patient data.

speartip defends healthcare

Why Work with SpearTip?

With SpearTip, our Security Operations Center monitors environments for threats and can quickly respond to ensure that patient data is protected, and preventing costly disruptions from ransomware.

ShadowSpear Platform
The ShadowSpear Platform has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems, providing the proper protection and prevention needed to avoid a costly incident.
Security Operations Centers
SpearTip’s Security Operation Center can assist at any time day or night. We can respond to advanced threats at a moment’s notice to reduce costly business disruptions.
Flexible Integrations
Medical networks are complicated. ShadowSpear goes to work integrating various data sources to effect security across a wide range of medical and information technology solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

SpearTip’s ability to rapidly respond with a capable team that is supervised by a number of different senior advisors means that in the crucial hours following a cyber incident clients have eyes on the event at every level and 24 hour access to personnel with firsthand knowledge of the event. The ability to do this with highly competitive pricing makes SpearTip stand out among the field of players.

Chair of a National Cybersecurity Law Practice


We have a diversified suite of cybersecurity solutions that were born from real-world experience, and we use them to protect organizations like yours every day. Our highly-trained team doesn’t hesitate to share their knowledge.

Rapid Response

SpearTip has a full-service incident response practice that can handle a wide variety of technical requirements of an incident response claim.

Forrester Report

Don’t just take our word for it. See what Forrester and our current clients have to say about our incident response engagements.

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