Identify provides enhanced visibility across your entire information security environment. Identify correlates logs from various devices and systems across the environment with data collected by the ShadowSpear® platform. With Cloud SIEM capabilities, Identify provides custom dashboards, queries, and filters that are a single pane of glass for events occurring within an environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Software-based event collection from networking devices, firewalls, and security appliances
  • Completely customizable dashboards, queries, and filters utilizing the robust and open-source KQL language
  • No message per second (MPS), daily consumption caps or overages

Identify Threats and Hunt Across Your Environment

ShadowSpear® Identify enables an organization to detect advanced and unknown threats. With day-one detections, Identify comes pre-tuned to detect the latest attacks based on machine learning and attack techniques, protocols, and procedures (TTP). The interface provides a single pane of glass for all events with the ability to create custom dashboards, queries, and filters. Identify is completely supported by SpearTip’s Security Operation Center on a 24/7 basis, completely handling tuning and customization for partners.