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Identify provides enhanced visibility across your entire information security environment.

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Detect Threats Now

Upgrade your outdated EDR toolsets with Identify and leave behind the legacy SIEMs. Identify has the unique ability to integrate with cloud, network and endpoint systems, and provides 24/7/365 monitoring and detection across your organization. Identify allows you to view and create custom dashboards, queries, and filters in an easy-to-use platform for tracking events within your environment.

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Investigation and Forensics

Detect sophisticated unknown and advanced threats with comprehensive insights through unparalleled data normalization and visualizations.

Technical Specifications

  • Software-based event collection from networking devices, firewalls, and security appliances
  • Completely customizable dashboards, queries, and filters utilizing the robust and open-source KQL language
  • No message per second (MPS), daily consumption caps or overages

Cloud Platforms

Robust integrations with AWS, Azure, and other major cloud platforms enable advanced insight into cloud tenants enabling ShadowSpear to both protect the tenant from unauthorized access and detect advanced threats targeting cloud workloads.

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Secure Your Cloud

Identify seamlessly protects and secures cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to thwart attacks on your most sensitive data. From preventing data breaches to business email compromise, Identify gives an organization high-level visibility across diverse and outsourced IT platforms. Identity’s Azure integration is approved, click here for more information.

Technical Specifications

  • Integration into SaaS and cloud platforms
  • Cloud Security at the Platform Level
  • Business Email Compromise Detection
  • Real-time visibility across on-premise and offsite infrastructure
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Identify Integrations

identify - 24/7 soc

24/7 SOC

identify - shadowspear dashboard

ShadowSpear Dashboard

Advanced Detection Engines

Detection engines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and attack techniques, protocols, and procedures (TTP) models to detect malicious activity on day one.

Continuous Threat Hunting

SpearTip’s SOCs continually hunt for emerging indicators of compromise to detect zero day and day one attacks within environments. Leveraging threat hunting methodologies SpearTip can identify critical vulnerabilities before they can be leveraged by an advanced attacker.

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Why Invest in ShadowSpear?

Identify provides turnkey access to an advanced data platform that collects, parses, normalizes, indexes, and analyzes technical data from across an IT environment. SpearTip is able to gain unparalleled visibility by integrating diverse data sources to gain actionable insights across your environment and technology. We are able to detect sophisticated unknown and advanced threats with comprehensive insights through unparalleled data normalization and visualizations. We utilize detection engines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) models to detect malicious activity on day one. Identify integrates with IT and security technology partners to enable the correlation of events from firewalls and network devices.

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We needed to establish a SOC for the cloud. That means hiring a leader and multiple associates with appropriate skills and implementing multiple tools as we shifted from on-prem to what would be best for our cloud environment. It probably would have taken a year to bring in the talent and new cloud-focused tools, and to develop the necessary APIs, all while keeping up with the implementation we had already begun.

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Total Economic Impact™

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