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Our trained security professionals have the knowledge and expertise to be able to implement useful resources and action into the Incident Response cycle.

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Rapid. Fluent. Immediate Recovery.

Restore Operations Immediately. SpearTip’s Restoration and Recovery Experts lead your team back to business. Ransomware recovery requires certified engineers with a strategic-tailored strategy for recovery.

Full-Scale Incident Coordination

SpearTip places qualified professionals onsite immediately to get you back in business. When the ransomware encrypts your virtual machines, your Nutanix cluster, and even your front desk desktop you need a skilled team that has been there before. SpearTip’s IT Remediation Team has the experience to get you up and running stronger than before.

The SpearTip Process

Threat Actors are consistently changing tactics for immobilizing companies hit with ransomware. SpearTip Engineers believe in a trusted process utilized globally for effectively restoring from these crippling attacks. Restoration and Recovery Efforts vary in every attack. Correctly collecting the company needs to restore business and effectively communicating a strategic plan is crucial for allowing the technical teams to execute the recovery efforts.

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Technical Onboarding

Engineers utilize digital forensics skills to decipher recovery possibilities.

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Restoration and Recovery Planning

SpearTip-Led planning to strategically get your company on their feet immediately.

IT Remediation decryption support

On-Scene Response

SpearTip Trained engineers on-scene in executing the technical recovery plan.

IT Remediation data recovery service

Business Impact Roadmap

Final report to identify remaining gaps and recovery efforts to continue improving technical capabilities.

What Our Partners Are Saying

We had all the things in place to catch 99.9% of anything that might come in. We had everything in place to catch everything except what ultimately led me to SpearTip.  We had an attack from the inside – I had never contemplated it.

Co-Founder, IT Service Provider


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