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We handle data breach cases by offering our incident response services so that law firms are compliant with the proper state and federal compliance regulations.

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Cyber breach coaches face unique challenges in the context of a cyber incident response. Not only do you have to provide legal counsel on data privacy, in most cases you are responsible for running highly technical engagements when a breach occurs. At SpearTip, we specialize in working with cyber breach coaches to assist them in technically responding to cyberattacks. SpearTip uses the latest digital forensics methods to collect available information about an incident. Our team focuses on complete containment and implements techniques to remediate networks and systems.

After the incident is resolved, we provide an overall assessment with security advice to move forward within the evolving threat landscape. SpearTip has an experienced team and has been conducting investigations since 2005. Our forensic findings are courtroom ready, and our engineers have experienced depositions and courtroom testimony. When you leverage SpearTip you can have confidence that if the worst happens and the investigation ends up in court, your analysis will be backed by sound forensic facts and findings.

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Why Team with SpearTip?

ShadowSpear Platform
ShadowSpear Platform has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of systems across the globe, providing insured with the proper protection and prevention they need to avoid a costly claim.
Security Operations Centers
SpearTip’s Security Operations Center can assist insureds at any time, day or night. We can respond to advanced threats at a moment’s notice to reduce costly business disruptions.
Continuous Investigation Cycle
SpearTip conducts forensics analysis on a 24/7 basis. We produce rapid forensic findings and provide you with the critical data you need to provide counsel to your client.

What Our Clients Are Saying

SpearTip’s ability to rapidly respond with a capable team that is supervised by a number of different senior advisors means that in the crucial hours following a cyber incident clients have eyes on the event at every level and 24-hour access to personnel with firsthand knowledge of the event. The ability to do this with highly competitive pricing makes SpearTip stand out among the field of players.

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We have a diversified suite of cybersecurity solutions that were born from real-world experience, and we use them to protect organizations like yours every day. Our highly-trained team doesn’t hesitate to share their knowledge.

Rapid Response

SpearTip has a full-service incident response practice that can handle a wide variety of technical requirements of an incident response claim.

Forrester Report

Don’t just take our word for it. See what Forrester and our current clients have to say about our incident response engagements.

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