Managed Security Services

SpearTip’s Managed Security Services Provide Continuous Monitoring Services To Protect Your Organization From Zero-Day, Advanced Malware Attacks

Leveraging Fusion Cell Technology, SpearTip Can Correlate and Identify Signature-Less Threats

Need managed security services that can effectively protect your network from a data breach?

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We develop customized managed security services based on your needs. Our managed security services include, but are not limited to:

  • Network-based advanced malware detection and malware analysis
    • Behavioral based analysis (not signature) – deep packet analysis
  • Host-based advanced malware detection and malware analysis
    • Active memory analysis – reverse engineering and zero-day identification
  • Threat actor source operations
    • DarkNet research to identify the human operator behind an attack
  • Command and Control (“CnC”) server and criminal network monitoring
    • Bot identification
  • Compromised credential monitoring
  • Peer-to-Peer (“P2P”) confidential data leak monitoring


Advanced cyber security is no longer a luxury. It is an absolute necessity in today’s increasingly
complex battle against invisible attackers and global criminal networks. Only SpearTip can deliver
the industry’s most thorough cyber counterintelligence service – ShadowSpear.

By helping you establish appropriate defenses, working with your internal teams, and monitoring groups that may be targeting you, we can help you end threats before they become serious problems.
With increasingly stringent regulations and a society that now holds company leadership accountable for compromised data, ShadowSpear provides the ultimate protection for your management team, while demonstrating that you have fulfilled your fiduciary responsibilities to key stakeholders.
ShadowSpear provides you with the opportunity to take an offensive posture to cyber security, as well as fortifying your defenses. Through our ShadowSpear Protection Services, SpearTip operatives will monitor the DarkNet and criminal “chatter” that could uncover attacks on your systems.
Your adversaries rely on the fact that compliance breeds complacency and they will stop at nothing to breach your defenses. ShadowSpear was created as an overlay to your current compliance efforts in order to stop these exact threats.
By gathering intelligence data over a vast network, featuring multiple touchpoints, SpearTip’s Cyber Counterintelligence agents regularly uncover threats, attacks and malicious activity well in advance of their launch. This information is used to fortify your defenses and end attacks before they begin.
Cyber criminals never rest. And neither does your cyber security team, when you choose ShadowSpear. Whether it’s day or night, weekday, weekend or holiday, when you have ShadowSpear, your systems and networks are continuously monitored and protected and our operatives are a phone call away.