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Neutralize immediately equips an organization with next-gen antivirus, enterprise detection and response, and advance ransomware prevention.

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Eliminate Threats Before They Execute

Neutralize creates instant value by preventing advanced malware and exploitation techniques on deployment. The detections are monitored and remediated on a 24/7 basis by SpearTip’s Security Operations Centers and provide exceptional defense against even the most advanced attacks on endpoints throughout an environment.

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Neutralize Advanced Malware, Evasive Exploits, and Pervasive Ransomware

Neutralize goes to work immediately within an environment to prevent malware and exploitation techniques. Used during hundreds of incident response engagements, the battle-hardened modules provide instant protection against advanced threats including unauthorized remote access and ransomware. Evasive threats are terminated pre-execution to ensure the malware isn’t able to gain a foothold in the environment. Neutralize is backed 24/7 by SpearTip’s Security Operations Center to ensure event triage and full remediation.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system
  • Uses less than minimal RAM and less than 5MB of network traffic per day
  • Cloud-based managed architecture

Prevent Unknown and Advanced Threats

Leveraging innovative protection techniques, Neutralize prevents never before seen attack types by outmaneuvering malware developers. SpearTip’s fusion cell provides insight into global trends as the platform automatically adapts to emerging zero-day threats. Neutralize integrates advanced indicators of compromise (IOCs) by combining proprietary human-based threat research and threat intelligence feeds. 

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Visualize Attacks Using MITRE

Neutralize visualizations provide quick insight into the behavior of malicious software, providing turnkey access to XDR and leverages MITRE for quick triage of events. Neutralize provides exceptional defense against even the most advanced attacks on endpoints throughout an environment. With pre-execution blocking techniques and advanced XDR visibility, Neutralize goes to work immediately preventing even the most intricate malware.

Why Invest in ShadowSpear?

Shared threat intelligence is crucial for SpearTip’s ability to successfully respond to threats with precision. When we can develop an in-depth understanding of threat actors’ motives and methods, our response is improved. Neutralize gives organizations immediate access to advanced threat prevention. Neutralize provides next-gen antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities within an environment, instantly creating value by blocking exploit techniques and malware. Detections are monitored on a 24/7 basis by SpearTip’s Security Operations Center and responded to based on an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). ShadowSpear is a comprehensive solution that provides extended capabilities from readily available DIY solutions.

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We reached a point where we realized that building our own SOC team wasn’t the best choice for us. Part of it was that we realized that it would take a long time to build out a true SOC team and we wouldn’t be able to effectively support our clients at a reasonable cost.

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Total Economic Impact™

  • 254% ROI
  • $1.91M Net Present Value (NPV)
  • < 6 Months Payback