Our Clients

Confidentiality Is Our First Responsibility

Unlike the majority of cyber security companies that publicly display the logos of companies they represent and tell vivid stories of the breaches they’ve solved for their clients, SpearTip operates under a strict code of confidentiality. To quote a time-honored adage, “Loose lips sink ships.”

Cyber Security: An Understanding and Appreciation of Privacy

When you engage SpearTip, we will only divulge details of a breach at your instruction or when it is required by law.

Openly advertising that your systems or networks have been breached, even if no damage occurred, can permanently damage and devalue your organization, while creating doubt in the minds of your stakeholders, shareholders, consumers, vendors and the public in general.

Every client on our roster is provided the strictest level of confidentiality, equivalent to that afforded the privilege between attorney and client.

From our perspective, proclaiming to the world that we mitigated a breach to your company would be irresponsible, a violation of privacy, and a breach of our duties to you as a security partner.

Anonymized SpearTip Clients

Managed Security Services

Client: Regional Benefits (Financial / Healthcare) Firm (Assets: $3.5B)
SpearTip supports this firm by enhancing their IT/network security posture to defend against internal and external threats to the organization. Organizations engage SpearTip to demonstrate “Standard of Care” to their shareholders and regulators.

Managed Security Services

Client: Non-Profit Pharmaceutical Organization 
SpearTip protects various market segments that includes mid-market and several non-profit companies through our Managed Security Services.

Managed Security Services

Client: Regional Healthcare Organization (Revenue: $650M)
SpearTip performs ongoing Managed Security Services for this healthcare organization that provides benefits for over 2 million members.

Incident Response (International Wire Fraud)

Client: Regional Investment Banking (Revenue: $15M)
Responded to a fraudulent wire transfer case that involved the compromise of user credentials from the Investment Banker’s client.  Our team quickly determined that the Investment Banking environment was secure and not compromised.  We identify the root cause of the fraudulent wire and made appropriate recommendations to the banking client to better secure their network.   

Incident Response (International Wire Fraud)

Client: Fortune 500 International Retailer (Revenue: $1.5B)
Responded to the fraudulent wire transfer and coordinated efforts with external counsel in efforts to recover the fraudulent wire. Worked with counsel and overseas law enforcement to recover over half of the funds from an overseas account.

Incident Response (Chinese Economic Espionage)

Client: Fortune 200 Global biotech subsidiary (Revenue: $54B)
SpearTip completed a full analysis of an internal subject’s laptop, gathered open-source intelligence, and conducted an in-depth cyber forensic analysis of company systems.

Incident Response (International Hacking)

Client: Fortune 150 International manufacturer (Revenue: $20B)
Brought in by client to investigate attempted hack into financial server to carry out cyber counterintelligence activity.

Incident Response (Domestic Hacking)

Client: Fortune 200 International communications (Revenue: $13B)
Brought in to respond to an employee’s possible involvement in “hacktivist” activity

Incident Response (Domestic Corporate Espionage)

Client: Fortune 500 International industrial supplier (Revenue: $3B)
Called in after Client lost large sales to competitor that recently hired Client’s former employee