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Cyber Maturity Driven by Effective Cyber Strategy

When most organizations experience a cyber breach, they were passing all of their compliance audits. This is what makes SpearTip’s pre-breach assessment so critical. The engagement focuses on real-world events and goes further than simple audit checks to target those vulnerabilities leading to compromises. This analysis protects the organization from data loss, identity theft or fraud, financial loss, and reputation loss, and if a breach occurs by exposing blind spots and providing high-value remediation opportunities. The pre-breach assessment will focus on your cyber maturity, diving deeper than the simple enumeration of patch levels. Throughout the course of the engagement, we examine your entire security posture from the top down during our cybersecurity risk assessment process.

Project Workflow

Phase 1 | Discovery

SpearTip collects key information related to the engagement.

Phase 2 | Initial Analysis

SpearTip reviews the information collected during discovery to develop interview questions and request additional documentation.

Phase 3 | Interviews

SpearTip meets with key individuals inside the organization. Interviews allow SpearTip to both collect new information and validate information already collected.

Phase 4 | Main Analysis

SpearTip analyzes collected documents, data, interview results, and all other information and begins to formulate findings and opinions.

Phase 5 | Follow-Up

SpearTip clarifies received information and analysis to prepare for the final preparation of the deliverables.

Phase 6 | Deliverables

Finalized deliverables are presented to and reviewed with the client.

Phase 7 | Feedback

The client provides feedback and ask questions about the deliverables and findings of the engagement.


  • High-value recommendations that target the most critical vulnerabilities that lead to a breach.
  • Boardroom ready executive summary with clear findings and recommendations.
  • Examination of current technology stack and configuration for gap identification.
  • Interviews with key stakeholders to avoid blind spots in accountability and processes.
  • Cyber threat hunting to expose unknown threats lurking in your environment.


  • Key stakeholder interviews to test procedure awareness and organizational preparedness.
  • Technology configuration and deployment review to examine the current return on cyber technology investment.
  • Identification of technology and procedures for and blind spots by examining current efficacy
  • Evaluation of current incident handling and past response lifecycle evaluation
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Components of a Pre-Breach

Security Architecture Review

We assess the overall maturity level of your security and align the IT and cybersecurity strategy to match your business strategy. We go beyond a simple compliance check and dig into your technology stack to expose weak spots.

Shadowspear® Cyber Threat Hunting

ShadowSpear Cyber Threat Hunting assesses your networks for potentially unknown malicious threats. We uncover zero-day vulnerabilities and provide steps to resolve them. ShadowSpear provides continuous detection of threats during the engagement and will remediate any threats detected.

Gap Analysis

By comparing technology and internal personnel, we discover blind spots in the organization that could lead to a significant compromise. We go beyond simple compliance frameworks and examine the day-to-day function of cyber within the organization. This leads to critical recommendations by exposing vulnerabilities not only in software but also in your people and processes.

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