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UAE Cybersecurity Reform
Largest Legal Reform in UAE’s 50-year History Includes Data Protection
30 November 2021
United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa approved the most extensive legal reform in the country’s history. Major changes in the legal reform include...
Vulnerable to cyberattack
6 Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
30 November 2021
When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, internet usage increased dramatically. Simultaneously, threat actors targeting industries that rely on online...
IKEA Phishing Cyberattack
Cyberattack Targets IKEA’s Email Systems
29 November 2021
IKEA is dealing with a cyberattack targeting employees using stolen reply-chain emails to implement phishing attacks. A reply-chain email attack occurs...
Safe online shopping
Top 5 Online Cybersecurity Tips for Cyber Monday
29 November 2021
With Thanksgiving in the rearview and seasonal shopping in full swing, the volume of online transactions will greatly increase, which makes it the perfect...
Cyber Monday Tips
Cybersecurity Tips for Cyber Monday Shoppers
26 November 2021
Cyber Monday is the one-day holiday shoppers look forward to for online deals; however, cybercriminals know it’s easier to deceive people when they have...
Cybersecurity Travel Tips
Cybersecurity Tips and Risks for Travelers
24 November 2021
Cybersecurity shouldn’t be limited to just your home, office, or classroom. When traveling it’s important to practice safe online behavior and secure your...
Exchange Server Vulnerability
PoC Released Publicly for RCE Impacting Microsoft Exchange Servers
23 November 2021
Proof-of-concept exploit code was released over the weekend, which is a concern for businesses heading into the holiday. The vulnerability being tracked,...
Black Friday Beware
Black Friday Remains the Busiest Day for Shopping and Malware Attacks
23 November 2021
The colloquialism ‘Black Friday’ has shifted meanings frequently since the early 1960s. In that time, however, one thing has remained constant: Black Friday...
Government Issues Ransomware Warning
U.S. Government Warns of Increased Ransomware Risks During Holidays
23 November 2021
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) issued a warning to public and private sector organizations...
Vestas Cyberattack
Vestas Shuts Down IT Systems After Cyberattack
22 November 2021
Vestas Wind Systems, the largest wind turbine manufacturer and installer in North America, was hit by a cyber security attack over the weekend forcing...
Exploit as a Service
Threat Actors Offer Millions for Zero-Days, Developers Discuss Exploit-as-a-Service
22 November 2021
Details about the parallel economy of vulnerability exploits occasionally emerge on underground forums, though hidden in private conversations, demonstrating...
Data Breach
Breach Exposes Social Security Numbers of 100,000 California Pizza Kitchen Employees
19 November 2021
California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) discovered a data breach exposing 100,000 current and former employees’ Social Security numbers. CPK, a U.S. pizza chain...
Risk Assessment
6 Ways Businesses Are Impacted by Cybercrimes
19 November 2021
With businesses storing internal and customer data on online networks, they become more vulnerable to cyberattacks and breaches. Dealing with cybercrimes...
Iran Threat Actors
US and UK Issue Warning About Iranian Threat Actors Exploiting Microsoft Exchange and Fortinet
18 November 2021
United States, United Kingdom, and Australian cybersecurity agencies issued a warning about an Iranian-backed threat group, APT, exploiting Microsoft Exchange...
Emotet Malware Returns
Emotet Malware Returns and Is Rebuilding Its Botnet Using TrickBot
18 November 2021
In the past, the Emotet malware was considered the most widely distributed malware, spreading through spam campaigns and malicious attachments. Emotet...
Ransomware Comic Distribution
Ransomware Attack Disrupts Comic Book Distribution Shipments
18 November 2021
A ransomware attack affected the Diamond Comic Distributors’ order processing systems and its internal communications platforms. Diamond Comic Distributors,...
Protect against ransomware
How To Respond During A Ransomware Attack
16 November 2021
What is a ransomware attack? Ransomware attacks are becoming more commonplace as companies and organizations increasingly utilize digital networks and...
Moses Staff Targets Israel
Moses Staff Threat Group Continues to Target Israel
15 November 2021
Moses Staff continues to acknowledge responsibility for a variety of attacks targeting Israeli organizations. The targets of these incidents include several...
Ransomware is
What is Ransomware?
15 November 2021
Ransomware is malware that uses encryption to hold victims’ information for ransom. Valuable data from ransomware victims are encrypted so they can’t access...
Forrester Research Reports on the Benefits of SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform
13 November 2021
  SpearTip’s Senior Director of Operations, Joe Hoosech, commands SpearTip’s 24/7 Security Operations Center. Joe is a decorated Marine Corp Veteran...
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