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White House Issues National Security Advisory
03 June 2021
SpearTip’s cyber experts recommend implementing endpoint detection and response tools such as our proprietary ShadowSpear® for early detection of cyber...
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Prometheus and Grief Ransomware Groups Enter Threat Landscape
01 June 2021
Prometheus is a new player among the ransomware threat landscape who claims to have ties to the REvil ransomware group. After publishing leaked data from...
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Lorenz Ransomware Attack Exposes Canada Post's Shipping Information
28 May 2021
Canada Post’s third-party supplier, Commport Communications was hit with a ransomware attack. 44 of Canada Post’s biggest customers had shipping information...
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New Critical VMware RCE Vulnerability
27 May 2021
VMware has released patches to address critical security vulnerabilities in vCenter Servers that could be leveraged by an adversary to execute arbitrary...
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Bose Ransomware Attack Exposes SSNs and Financials
26 May 2021
The leader in audio equipment, Bose, revealed they were hit with ransomware on March 7. In a letter to the New Hampshire Attorney General, they wrote they...
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MountLocker Ransomware Utilizing Windows Active Directory APIs
19 May 2021
The ransomware operation that began in July 2020 as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is now utilizing Windows Active Directory APIs to work its way through...
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Conti Operators Target Irish Healthcare
18 May 2021
According to BleepingComputer, the Conti ransomware gang failed to encrypt the systems of Ireland’s Department of Health (DoH) despite breaching its network...
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Social Media Accounts Compromised to Target Corporations
14 May 2021
500 million users on Facebook and LinkedIn, each, had personal identifiable information (PII) leaked onto dark web forums. On Saturday, April 4, Business...
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Babuk Ransomware Announces Retirement, Attacks Keep Coming
12 May 2021
Babuk ransomware operators performed an attack on the Washington DC police department at the end of last month. After negotiations failed, Babuk eventually...
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Avaddon Threatens DDoS, Doesn't Follow Through
11 May 2021
According to BleepingComputer, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) are warning of an ongoing Avaddon...
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Babuk Ransomware Ends Encryption, Continues Data Theft
04 May 2021
According to BleepingComputer, a new message today from the operators of Babuk ransomware clarifies that the gang has decided to close the affiliate program...
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New Ransomware Variant Hits Ski Resort
03 May 2021
The Resort Municipality of Whistler endured a ransomware attack where their network, email, website, and phone systems were knocked offline. Online operations...
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PHP Composer Vulnerability May Expose Supply-Chain Attacks
30 April 2021
Developers maintaining Composer, which is a package manager for PHP, have pushed an update to address a critical vulnerability. Composer is a tool for...
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DoppelPaymer Ransomware Leaks Files After Negotiations Fail
29 April 2021
DoppelPaymer ransomware group leaked a massive collection of files from the Illinois Office of the Attorney General. The Office has decided not to pay...
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Pay the Ransom or Put Police at Risk
27 April 2021
According to the Record, A ransomware gang is threatening to leak sensitive police files that may expose police investigations and informants unless the...
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How Ransomware Pushes Stock Prices
27 April 2021
We have always preached on the creativity of threat actors as they use different methods to squeeze money out of victims. DarkSide ransomware is openly...
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Cue the Ransomware: Qlocker
26 April 2021
In five days, the Qlocker ransomware operation made $260,000 by encrypting QNAP devices while using the 7zip archive program. QNAP users saw their files...
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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Discovered Within Pulse Secure VPNs
20 April 2021
According to BleepingComputer, Pulse Secure has shared mitigation measures for a zero-day authentication bypass vulnerability in the Pulse Connect Secure...
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Ryuk Ransomware Evolving Attack Methods
19 April 2021
The Ryuk ransomware operators have organized one of the most prevalent threat groups over the past year. Recent research shows how their methods are advancing....
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Russian Foreign Intelligence Targeting Five Known Exploits in US
15 April 2021
The National Security Agency, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and Federal Bureau of Investigation released a combined cybersecurity advisory...
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