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5 Major Cybersecurity Threats MSPs are Facing Going Into 2023
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Five Eyes Nations Face Growing Ransomware Threat
16 May 2023
Ransomware is the most severe threat to Five Eyes collation nations, and it’s worsening with financial gain no longer being the sole goal for threat...
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North Korean Threat Group Finds Security Gaps with New Recon Tool
15 May 2023
The North Korean Kimsuky operating group has been seen using a new version of its reconnaissance malware, called “ReconShark,” in a global...
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New DDoS Botnet Malware Exploiting Critical RCE Ruckus Flaw
13 May 2023
“AndoryuBot,” a new malware, is attempting to infect unpatched Wi-Fi access points for use in DDoS attacks by exploiting a critical-severity flaw in the...
May 12, 2023 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: May 12, 2023
12 May 2023
Ransomware and various cyberattacks continue to devastate businesses and critical operations, putting personal and operational data at risk. Critical operations...
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Threat Operators Evade Detection Using Double DDL Sideloading
11 May 2023
An APT threat operating group called “Dragon Breath,” “Golden Eye Dog,” or “APT-Q-27” is displaying a new trend of various complex versions of the basic...
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What Stricter Data Privacy Laws Mean for Cybersecurity Policies
10 May 2023
Data privacy is already a significant burden for today’s companies. As modern privacy laws extend to more of the world’s population, regulatory compliance...
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Cactus Ransomware Evades Antivirus Through Self-Encryption
09 May 2023
Cactus, a new ransomware operation, has been using vulnerabilities in VPN appliances to get initial access to networks of enterprise organizations. Cactus...
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Threat Actors Use More Malicious Email Attachments in Attacks
08 May 2023
Researchers are warning that threat operators are increasingly using more malicious HTML files in their cyberattacks, with malicious files accounting for...
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Cybersecurity Attack Halts German IT Service Provider
06 May 2023
Bitmarck, a German IT service provider, has stated that it has taken all its client and internal systems offline because of a cyberattack being discovered....
May 5, 2023 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: May 5, 2023
05 May 2023
The cyber threat landscape is increasingly challenging to navigate for entities in all industries and of all sizes. It’s critical to partner with...
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Malware Toolkit Discovered After 70 Billion DNS Queries Analyzed
05 May 2023
After reviewing unusual DNS traffic that differed from normal internet activity, a new enterprise-targeting malware toolkit called “Decoy Dog” was uncovered....
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New Extortion Tactics Used to Force Ransomware Payments
04 May 2023
The increase in reported ransomware victims in Q1 2023 indicates the continued prevalence of ransomware as a global, industry-agnostic threat. The research...
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CISA Warns of Critical Bugs in Illumina DNA Sequencing Systems
03 May 2023
The United States Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about two vulnerabilities...
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Threat Actors Use Data from Resold Routers to Breach Networks
02 May 2023
On the secondary market, enterprise-level network equipment conceals important data that threat operators can use to breach companies’ environments or...
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The Importance of Having an Annual Penetration Test
01 May 2023
Companies rely significantly on technology and interconnected systems to preserve their competitive advantage in today’s digital environment. With the...
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DDoS Attacks Switching Focus to Targeting VPS Infrastructure
29 April 2023
In the first quarter of 2023, hyper-volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have switched from compromised IoT devices to breached Virtual...
April 28, 2023 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: April 28, 2023
28 April 2023
Last month saw a record number of ransomware attacks across the landscape, which does not mean you should expect attacks to taper off. On the contrary,...
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LockBit Ransomware Targeting Mac Devices Using Encryptors
27 April 2023
The LockBit ransomware group created its first encryptors that target Apple computers, becoming the first major ransomware operation to specifically target...
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How Companies Can Improve Their Cybersecurity Culture
26 April 2023
The need for strong cybersecurity is becoming more evident as companies are moving their operations online. With increasing cyber threats, including breaching,...
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Play Ransomware Using Custom Data Theft Tool in Cyberattacks
25 April 2023
The Play ransomware group created two custom tools in .NET, called Grixba and VSS Copying Tool, to boost the efficiency of their cyberattacks. Threat operators...
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