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Cybersecurity Experts Warn of Increasing Ransomware in Middle East
02 April 2022
Cybersecurity experts are warning that incidents of ransomware are increasingly becoming the most common cyberattack method against companies, especially...
April 1_Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: April 1, 2022
01 April 2022
  Ransomware is no joke, as it continues to devastate businesses, communities, and critical infrastructure all over the world. This chapter of ‘Weekly...
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HIVE Ransomware Changes Its Linux VMware ESXi Encryptor to Rust
31 March 2022
The Hive ransomware group converted their VMware ESXi Linux encryptor to the Rust programming language and added new features to make it more difficult...
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Continuous Monitoring is Necessary Given Ransomware Encryption Speed
30 March 2022
Researchers conducted a technical experiment in which they tested ten ransomware variants to determine how quickly they encrypt files and how possible...
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Digital Forensics Is a Key Service Necessary to Combating Ransomware
29 March 2022
What is Digital Forensics? In the past few decades, the use and study of ‘forensic science’ have become popularized in our lexicon due to the proliferation...
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SpearTip's Active Endpoint Monitoring Can Help Grow Your MSP
28 March 2022
MSPs have a strong grasp of technology, but cybersecurity is not often prioritized as their IT teams may be stretched too thin. Outsourcing is a good way...
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Analysis of Two Ransomware Attacks from One Affiliate: BlackMatter & BlackCat
26 March 2022
BlackCat is a growing Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) group targeting several worldwide organizations over the past few months. Rumors have surfaced of...
March 25_Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: March 25, 2022
25 March 2022
The ransomware landscape is as treacherous as ever, as is demonstrated in this most recent installment of ‘Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up’. Scroll our resources...
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AvosLocker Ransomware Increasingly Targeting US Critical Infrastructure
24 March 2022
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in a joint cybersecurity advisory with the United States Treasury Department and the Financial Crimes Enforcement...
it remediation
How IT Remediation Can Help Businesses Restore Their Networks
23 March 2022
What is IT Remediation? Threat actors are constantly changing tactics to immobilize companies with ransomware and take control of valuable and sensitive...
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Conti Ransomware Access Broker’s Tactics Exposed
22 March 2022
The operations of a threat actor called “EXOTIC LILY,” an initial access broker with connections to the Conti and Diavol ransomware operations were exposed...
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Overcome Alert Fatigue By Prioritizing Your Approach to Cybersecurity
21 March 2022
In today’s digital business world, threat alerts are fundamental to IT security. Are they enough, however, when traditional infrastructure has been eclipsed...
March 18_Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: March 18, 2022
18 March 2022
The past week continues to demonstrate that ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing businesses and individuals around the globe. In order to enhance...
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New Ransomware LokiLocker Combines File Encryption and Data Wiping
17 March 2022
A threat intelligence team discovered a new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) family and traced its origins to its possible beta stage release. Like other...
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How MSP Growth in Cybersecurity Can Be Rewarding for Clients
17 March 2022
It’s a great time to be a Managed Service Provider (MSP), especially with no shortage of demand and various services to offer. IT services are more important...
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New Ransomware Group, Pandora, Hits Automotive Giant DENSO
16 March 2022
DENSO, one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturers, confirmed that a new Pandora ransomware operation leaked data it allegedly stole during...
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Leaked Information Reveals Inner Working of Conti Ransomware Group
15 March 2022
A Ukrainian security specialist turned the tables on the notorious Russia-based ransomware group, Conti, and leaked the group’s source code, chat logs,...
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How Strong Client Relationships Support Overall Business Security
14 March 2022
Developing good relationships is essential to any company’s success as connections with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, and service providers can...
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Protect Yourself from Malicious Phishing Attacks Over Social Media
13 March 2022
The latest data suggests there are nearly 4 billion social media users worldwide who engage in various platforms for communication, news, and entertainment....
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SpearTip’s 1st Law of Cybersecurity
12 March 2022
There is an axiom in the technology lexicon known as the 1st Law of Cybersecurity: “If there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited. No exceptions.”...
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