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black matter ransomware st. louis mo
New Ransomware Appears: BlackMatter & Haron
29 July 2021
These two ransomware variants are either new or old REvil & Darkside rebrands. Both are looking for high-profile targets to receive financial gain....
avoslocker ransomware 2
New ‘AvosLocker’ Ransomware Targets Ohio City
27 July 2021
Officials reported Monday that Geneva, a small city in Ohio, was the victim of a data breach involving a new type of ransomware called AvosLocker. The...
global security
Global Security Operations Lead The Way
27 July 2021
Global Security Operations continue to lead the way when responding to major security breaches that impact virtually every market segment in a post-covid...
Cloud Platform
Operational Technology Vulnerabilities Discovered in Cloud Platforms
27 July 2021
Leading cloud-management platforms can be used to attack critical ICS vulnerabilities. The advantages of employing a cloud-based management platform to...
Kaseya Gets Universal Decryptor for REvil Victims
27 July 2021
Kaseya has received a universal decryptor that allows victims of the July 2nd REvil ransomware attack to recover files at no cost. Kaseya says they’ve...
Pulse Secure
CISA Warning: PulseSecure Device’s Malware Goes Undetected
27 July 2021
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a warning today that over a dozen malware variants were found on exploited Pulse...
Popular CVEs Among Threat Actors
27 July 2021
From an examination of cybercrime forums between January 2020 and March 2021, Cognyte found these CVEs vulnerabilities to be most shared among threat actors....
SpearTip Adds Principal Consultant, Tim Reboulet
27 July 2021
SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Principal Consultant, Tim Reboulet. Tim Reboulet has over 20 years of international...
HelloKitty Ransomware Exploiting VMware ESXi Servers
27 July 2021
HelloKitty ransomware operators are now targeting VMware ESXi servers using a Linux variant. VMware has catered to virtual machines for better backup and...
New Diavol Ransomware
SpearTip Finds New Diavol Ransomware Does Steal Data
27 July 2021
Security researchers have linked a new ransomware strain called Diavol to the Wizard Spider threat group behind the Trickbot botnet. BleepingComputer noted...
Kaseya Phishing Campaign Targets Victims Awaiting Security Patches
27 July 2021
The entire cyber industry was put to the test over the Fourth of July weekend after Kaseya was breached and ransomware was deployed on at least 60 MSPs...
Kaseya VSA Ransomware
Kaseya VSA Servers - Ransomware Attack Update
04 July 2021
REvil operators likely planned this attack on Kaseya VSA servers knowing the Fourth of July weekend was approaching. With many companies short-staffed...
Kaseya Ransomware
Kaseya VSA Users Under Ransomware Attack
02 July 2021
SpearTip's engineers have become aware of an urgent ransomware attack in progress affecting Kaseya VSA. The only way to prevent breaches is to block Kaseya...
Copy of Site PhotoPP (30)
Preventing the Critical PrintNightmare Vulnerability
01 July 2021
A PoC (Proof-of-Concept) of a critical windows vulnerability was published on GitHub this week and taken down within hours, but the code was copied and...
Hive Ransomware
New Ransomware, Hive, Releases First Victim's Data
28 June 2021
After a June 14 breach, Altus Group’s files were just leaked on the new Hive ransomware group’s leak site. At the time of the breach, email communications...
REvil Ransomware
REvil Remains Persistent Through Global Pressure
24 June 2021
Avaddon handed over the decryption keys and retired, Clop ransomware affiliates were arrested, but REvil has remained very active amidst global pressure...
New Ransomware, DarkRadiation
New Ransomware, DarkRadiation
22 June 2021
Security researchers have identified a new strain of ransomware by the name of “DarkRadiation”. The ransomware is implemented in Bash and targets Linux...
KAERI Cyber Attack
Nuclear Research Facility Breached through VPN Vulnerability
21 June 2021
The Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) was attacked after threat actors exploited a VPN vulnerability. KAERI is a government-sponsored organization...
Takedown of Stolen Credentials Site, Slilpp
15 June 2021
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) completed a major takedown of an underground marketplace, Slilpp, holding stolen login credentials in part of an international...
REvil Nuclear Attack
REvil Ransomware Attacks Nuclear Weapons Contractor
14 June 2021
REvil ransomware has been a constant threat in the ransomware landscape across the globe this year and they are not stopping. Sol Oriens, which is a subcontractor...
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