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Over 200 Public Entities Impacted by Ransomware in 2022
09 January 2023
In 2022, ransomware attacks impacted over 200 organizations in the United States public sector, including the government, education, and healthcare sectors....
January 6, 2023 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: January 6, 2023
06 January 2023
The turn of the New Year has shown that threat actors were busy during the extended holiday with no signs of slowing down their attacks. Here are some...
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New Attack Vector Targeting Amazon Web Services (AWS)
03 January 2023
Threat researchers discovered a new security threat to a recently added functionality in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The attack vector is related to the...
December 23, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: December 23, 2022
23 December 2022
As we near the end of the calendar year, we should not expect any decrease in cyberattacks. Threat actors launch 75% of their attacks on holidays, weekends,...
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Awareness of Phishing Scams Can Defend Against Cyberattacks
22 December 2022
SpearTip recently partnered up with Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) to present a webinar discussing the importance of phishing training within companies,...
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How Companies Can Effectively Manage Clients’ Data
21 December 2022
Having effective customer data management can assist companies in avoiding data breaches and the ensuing chain of issues. Management actions can assist...
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Strategies to Mitigate Against Potential Ransomware Attacks
20 December 2022
Managed service providers (MSPs), who are charged with providing IT security services to clients, have found themselves in the sights of ransomware groups....
December 16, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: December 16, 2022
16 December 2022
The ransomware threat landscape continues to demonstrate the need for a robust cybersecurity posture for entities of all industries. Australian telecommunications...
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Key Strategies That Can Help MSPs Defend Against Cyberattacks
15 December 2022
Numerous companies, ranging from small to medium-sized companies to critical infrastructure industries, are relying on Managed Service Providers (MSPs)...
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Threat Group Uses Various Deceptive Tactics to Spread Malware
14 December 2022
A new threat group is breaking into networks and encrypting them with file-locking malware before demanding ransom from victims. In September, the Royal...
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Cybersecurity Standards Are Designed To Protect Individuals’ Data
10 December 2022
As a 20+ year veteran of the United States Secret Service, providing protection for two sitting Presidents, it was incumbent for us to painstakingly ensure...
December 9, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: December 9, 2022
09 December 2022
Within the volatile threat landscape, it’s necessary for every individual and business to enact robust cybersecurity practices in order to protect personal...
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FBI Warning: Cuba Ransomware Group Targeted 100+ Companies
08 December 2022
According to a security warning issued by CISA and the FBI, businesses should be aware of the prolific Cuba ransomware group that has targeted over 100...
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MSPs Receive Numerous Benefits By Using SOC-as-a-Service
06 December 2022
A Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) provides top-tier cybersecurity protection to all partner businesses. Businesses of all sizes can subscribe...
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Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: December, 2 2022
02 December 2022
This past week saw a tremendous amount of ransomware attacks and data breaches as a result of deceptive threat tactics and lax cybersecurity. It’s...
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What To Expect from Cybersecurity Industry in 2023
01 December 2022
There’s always one certainty in the cybersecurity world: breaches will continue to occur. It’s an unavoidable constant in an industry that spent about...
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Retailers Must Prepare for Cyber Scams During the Holidays
29 November 2022
Threat operators are increasing their phishing and ransomware operations targeting the retail sector as the holiday shopping season is now underway. According...
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The Liabilities of MSPs When Clients Are Victims of Cybercrimes
27 November 2022
The risks MSPs confront are not always obvious. Even though numerous IT business owners understand the repercussions of losing clients, other potential...
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5 Major Cybersecurity Threats MSPs are Facing Going Into 2023
26 November 2022
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become huge targets for cybercriminals. MSPs manage very sensitive data for numerous private companies. Threat actors...
November 25, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: November 25, 2022
25 November 2022
During this holiday week and extended weekend, the threat of cyberattacks greatly increases. Because of this, it is essential that you remain vigilant...
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