According to a new study conducted by Philips and CyberMDX, in the past six months, ransomware has caused nearly half (48%) of US hospitals to disconnect their networks. The Department of Health & Human Services reported that 82 ransomware attacks have occurred worldwide this year in which 60% has impacted the US health sector. 30% of the major data breaches impacted hospitals costing $21 billion dollars.

The report revealed that healthcare organizations (HCOs) were majorly impacted by a surge of ransomware attacks during the early months of the pandemic. Due to the ransomware attacks, a majority of the respondents proactively shut down their networks to avoid a damaging breach while others were forced to do so due to the severity of malware infection.

Medium-sized hospitals were impacted the most from external ransomware attacks suffering, on average, 10 hours of downtime costing $45,700 per hour. Larger hospital facilities had an average of 6.2 hours downtime at $21,500 per hour.

Key factors for the ransomware attacks are the lack of skilled IT technicians and low investments in cybersecurity. Only 11% of respondents consider investing in cybersecurity as a “high priority” and nearly half are claiming to have inadequate IoT security staffing levels and medical devices.

Healthcare organizations are facing difficult security challenges as new ransomware threat vectors appear every day. Lost revenue, damaged reputation and patient safety are a few risks hospitals are taking by not investing more towards cybersecurity. At SpearTip, our certified engineers can assess the vulnerabilities in your organization’s networks and help your team improve upon them. Our 24/7 Security Operations as a Service provides your business, no matter the industry or size, actionable solutions to protect networks and enhance security posture.

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