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How To Maintain Personal Cybersecurity While Shopping Online
23 November 2022
With Thanksgiving on its way and seasonal shopping about to get into full swing, the volume of online transactions will greatly increase, which makes it...
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The Global Ransomware Problem Requires A Global Solution
22 November 2022
This time last year, people were optimistic. It appeared that the tide was turning on ransomware after the United States government scored victories against...
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How To Choose the Right Service Provider for Your Company
18 November 2022
Choosing the right partner is among the life events worth fretting over to ensure the best decision is ultimately the one made. The process usually entails...
November 18, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: November 18, 2022
18 November 2022
Threat actors continue to actively disrupt as many industries as possible, including critical infrastructure and social institutions. This trend should...
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Why It’s Essential for MSPs to Have Robust Cybersecurity
16 November 2022
Last year cybercriminals pulled off a multi-million-dollar heist of the largest petroleum pipeline operator in the United States. Before encrypting and...
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Ransomware Groups Change Tactics to Make Crimes More Difficult to Track
14 November 2022
According to threat intelligence, ransomware groups are increasingly writing their own or stealing computer code, shifting away from a leasing model that...
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MSPs With Outdated Security Measures Risk Future Cyberattacks
12 November 2022
Every enterprise operation, including Managed service providers (MSPs), needs to drastically improve cybersecurity measures for themselves and their clients...
November 11, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: November 11, 2022
11 November 2022
A ransomware attack against Sobey’s, a premier Canadian grocery retailer, rendered networks at over 1,500 locations inoperable. The impact extends to in-store...
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8 Best Practices Ransomware Threat Hunting Teams Should Utilize
10 November 2022
With each passing year, ransomware attacks and ransomware threat operators continue to evolve, becoming more complex and damaging. Threat operators are...
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How MSPs Can Prevent Supply Chain Attacks
09 November 2022
A new era of supply chain attacks is emerging, affecting numerous clients directly and indirectly. Various headline-grabbing incidents, including SolarWinds...
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Most Businesses Lack A Ransomware Attack Response Plan
08 November 2022
Ransomware attacks are more common than ever and continue to spread havoc across numerous companies. In the first half of 2022, there were 236.1 million...
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What is Cybersecurity Risk Management for MSP?
05 November 2022
Cybersecurity risk management is an approach used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other IT professionals to prioritize incoming and probable cyber...
November 4, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: November 4, 2022
04 November 2022
Aurubis, one of the world’s largest copper smelters, suffered a ransomware attack that resulted in the layoff of numerous US-based employees. This attack...
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New Ransomware Attempts to Frame Researchers with Data Wiper
03 November 2022
Numerous ransomware groups attempt to collect ransoms from companies in exchange for restoring their files. Malicious actors behind the attacks may or...
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Ransomware Groups Increasing Attacks on US Industrial Sector
02 November 2022
Ransomware groups are causing havoc on the industrial sector, particularly manufacturing companies, with tremendous spikes in cyberattack activities against...
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What MSPs Should Know About the Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act
01 November 2022
The Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act of 2022 which was recently enacted has specific implications for managed service providers (MSPs). This is...
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FBI Warns About Ransomware Group Targeting VPN Servers
31 October 2022
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued...
Copy of October 28, 2022 Ransomware Wrap-Up
Weekly Ransomware Wrap-Up: October 28, 2022
28 October 2022
As ransomware attacks continue to plague the threat landscape, it is imperative for companies to enhance their security posture with a 24x7x365 SOC and...
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How Cybersecurity Providers Can Enhance MSPs' Offerings
26 October 2022
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continue to have a high demand for cybersecurity services, with many expressing a desire to buy security solutions...
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Automobile Retailer Refusing to Pay LockBit Ransom Demand
25 October 2022
Pendragon Group, an automobile retailer with over 200 showrooms across the United Kingdom had its IT servers breached by threat actors claiming to have...
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