Our team has observed an uptick in cases involving employees acquiring a second job while working from home. Covid affected many features of business, but this development was something many leaders had not foreseen or predicted.

According to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) and Occupational Employment Statistics (OES), a survey studying how many jobs can be performed entirely at home comes out to 37%. Considering how many organizations moved to remote work last year, this number is probably not as high as some leaders would like it to be.

This in addition to employees acquiring a second job is concerning for managers. So, how can you detect if your employees are working another job while at home? Is productivity down due to your employees working from home, or is it something else?

The first thing you can look to is the overall productivity. Are general daily tasks being accomplished? Are they getting done in the same amount of time as when the employees were operating inside the office? This will be the biggest indicator, but there are many things to measure an employee’s success.

It’s important to note there is no issue with someone having two jobs, but problems arise when they are performing them at the same time. You should be getting the most out of your employees in order to advance and progress as a company.

A way to mitigate poor production can be utilizing a structured daily check in. Set up calls or some form of communication in order to stay in contact with your employees to ensure they’re attentive and staying on track. Establishing these meetings at different times throughout the day may help you find out if they’ve taken on another role where they can’t attend your company’s meetings.

If all else fails, SpearTip can run further investigations to confirm your employees are working for your organization when they should be. When you run through your own investigations and still remain skeptical about your employees, our digital forensics engineers can conduct a thorough investigation to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.  As we mentioned above, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether or not your employees are completing the work they should without interference.

Let our investigative engineers get to work so you’re not occupied monitoring your employees remotely every minute of the day.