Avaddon Decryption Keys

Avaddon ransomware group just released the decryption keys for 2,934 victims to BleepingComputer.com. This morning, BleepingComputer obtained an anonymous tip claiming to be the FBI with a password and a protected zip file.

BleepingComputer explains that the keys were labeled as “Decryption Keys Ransomware Avaddon”. After sharing the files with security researchers, BleepingComputer confirmed the keys actually worked and were not just a myth.

BleepingComputer owner, Lawrence Abrams, explained that he successfully decrypted a virtual machine which was encrypted with a recent sample of the Avaddon ransomware.

Other decryption keys that have been released in this fashion include TeslaCrypt, Crysis, AES-NI, FilesLocker, Ziggy, and FonixLocker.

There is no clear-cut reason as to why Avaddon released the keys, but increased pressure by law enforcement could be a reason. The FBI and Australian law enforcement entities have released warnings on the ransomware group, and this could be their final escape before they’re outed. All of Avaddon’s Dark Web sites are inactive as of now, which further proves the group has truly shut down their operations.

Another major indicator of the shutdown is the recent rush to complete ransom payments. They’ve applied pressure on victims to pay ransoms but haven’t haggled back and forth by accepting rebuttals quickly.

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