The leader in audio equipment, Bose, revealed they were hit with ransomware on March 7. In a letter to the New Hampshire Attorney General, they wrote they “experienced a sophisticated cyber-incident that resulted in the deployment of malware/ransomware across Bose’s environment.”

On April 29, Bose and forensic analysts discovered that threat actors gained access to administrative human resources that contained social security numbers, addresses, and compensation information of employees.

Bose did not confirm whether or not threat actors stole files and it remains unclear if a ransom was paid. SpearTip’s cyber experts can solve this problem with dark web monitoring to scan leak sites for company information after a breach. Finding out exactly what was accessed is crucial for your breach notifications and transparency among clients or customers. This is what SpearTip’s services can provide your organization.

Another important facet of this story is Bose’s poor response to the incident. They learned threat actors were in their environment on April 29 but couldn’t decipher what data was accessed or exfiltrated for over a month. This is another situation where SpearTip’s handling would provide this information much quicker to prevent further damage. Our team will respond to an incident within 15 minutes, reclaim networks within 6 hours, and completely restore your organization’s operations in less than 36 hours. Time is precious when it comes to responding to incidents because the data is already being utilized for malicious intent just moments after it is stolen, and those that have been affected need to be notified.

Sometimes, leaders in organizations are reluctant to release the information on a breach because they’re afraid of damaging their brand’s reputation, but in reality, quicker response to an event will only prove your transparency and help everyone affected react to prevent more damage. SpearTip specializes in response to these types of events, so calling us after a breach will ease the headache that comes from it.

This particular breach shows how SpearTip’s Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) can be utilized to stop breaches from becoming a catastrophe. Our highly technical engineers know exactly what to do in these situations and keep you informed the whole way through. It’s smart to engage with a response firm like SpearTip when you think you’ve been breached but it’s even smarter to engage with our team BEFORE a breach. Security tools can be very helpful, but knowing you’ve incorporated a human response to your problems is vital for communication efforts. Especially, when they’re able to do so at any moment.

Our team will continuously monitor environments 24/7 in our US based Security Operations Center. Our certified engineers work in unison with our proprietary endpoint detection and response tool, ShadowSpear®. This allows your organization to have a direct communication with our engineers at any moment and a completely transparent view of your risk profile.

If you think your organization has been breached, call our Security Operations Center at 833.997.7327.