Data Breach

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) discovered a data breach exposing 100,000 current and former employees’ Social Security numbers. CPK, a U.S. pizza chain with over 250 locations, posted a notification confirming the incident. The company explained that they learned of the disruption to their systems on September 15 and worked quickly to secure their environment. On October 4, it was indicated that cyber criminals gained access to specific files including employee names and Social Security numbers.

Even though California Pizza Kitchen did not confirm the number of people affected by the data breach, the Maine attorney general’s office notified the company that 103,767 current and former employees, including eight Maine residents, were affected. As of 2017, CPK employed around 14,000 people, indicating that a majority of those affected were former employees.

California Pizza Kitchen explained that their highest priority is information security, and they have strict security measures to protect their information. When the incident was discovered, the company immediately reviewed and reinforced its computing environment’s security. Additionally, CPK is reviewing its existing security policies and implementing necessary security measures to protect against future incidents.

Every company, including California Pizza Kitchen, holds valuable personal identifiable information (PII) data, which makes them a prime target for any cyberattack. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to stay aware of the latest threat landscape and ensure that employees use good cybersecurity practices. At SpearTip, we offer a comprehensive set of advisory services, including pre-breach assessment, which allows us to identify the risks that matter in real-world attacks. Our experience in incident response provides us with first-hand knowledge and expertise regarding the latest vulnerabilities being exploited by threat groups. We will identify the vulnerabilities and offer remediation steps to improve your security posture. Our certified engineers continuously monitor your networks from our 24/7 Security Operations Centers for potential threats and prevent data, like your employees’ Social Security numbers, from being stolen. As threat actors work to infiltrate your business and steal PII, SpearTip defends you.

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