Cybersecurity Travel Tips

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be limited to just your home, office, or classroom. When traveling it’s important to practice safe online behavior and secure your internet-enabled mobile devices. Individuals face more cyber risks when traveling and accessing the internet on the go. Nobody is exempt from cyber threats, regardless of if at home or while away. Here are some simple tips to follow to stay safe online when traveling.

Before Leaving
While Traveling

With cybercriminals targeting travelers going on vacation or a business trip, it’s important for people and companies to remain vigilant of the current threat landscape and keep their mobile and computer devices updated to prevent data theft or cyberattacks. At SpearTip, our certified engineers continuously monitor your networks, whether you’re traveling internationally or locally, for potential cyber threats. Being proactive, while on vacation or a business trip, is the most effective way for people and companies to protect their data. The ShadowSpear platform, our endpoint detection and response tool, optimizes visibility and enhances user security posture to prevent cyber threats from impacting you and your business.

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