DoppelPaymer ransomware group leaked a massive collection of files from the Illinois Office of the Attorney General. The Office has decided not to pay the ransom which explains the reasoning for the leak we’re now seeing.

The PII (personal identifiable information) relates to state prisoners, grievances, court files, and cases. The ransomware attack on April 10 was disclosed April 13.

DoppelPaymer negotiations usually don’t get very far due to sanctioned entities by the Department of Justice. Since many security researchers link the DoppelPaymer ransomware to the sanctioned Evil Corp group, paying DoppelPaymer requests can result in fines or further legal implications.

DoppelPaymer derives from a BitPaymer ransomware and became a critical threat in 2019 as they’ve successfully carried out attacks on a number of high-profile victims. Their initial tactics were locking and encrypting files on victim machines, but they’ve changed the approach to a more popular tactic among all threat actors of threatening to leak stolen data.

DoppelPaymer uses a tool called Process Hacker in order to terminate services and security protocols, servers, backups, and software to impair defenses and evade detection.

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