According to BleepingComputer, eCh0raix, the recently discovered ransomware variant, is now encrypting both QNAP and Synology Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

In June 2016 when the ransomware variant, also known as QNAPCrypt, first appeared, the BleepingComputer forum topic began receiving reports of the ransomware attacks from numerous victims.

In 2019, researchers discovered that the eCh0raix attackers used default credentials or dictionary attacks to brute-force administrator credentials and encrypted the Synology devices. Customers were warned by the NAS developer to keep their data secured from large-scale ransomware attacks.

 In past ransomware attacks, eCh0raix targeted both QNAP and Synology devices separately. However, according to security researchers, in September 2020, eCh0raix started encrypting both NAS families by combining functionality.

The attackers exploited CVE-2021-28799 (a vulnerability that allowed attackers access to hard-coded credentials, or a backdoor account) to encrypt QNAP devices.

By guessing commonly used administrative credentials, eCh0raix threat actors brute-forced their way into the Synology NAS devices to deliver the ransomware payloads.

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