Business email compromise (BEC) and phishing attacks are occurring daily.

According to, there is a 200% increase in the average rate of invoice and payment fraud BEC attacks each week, and a 36% increase in the number of organizations experiencing these attacks. Help Net Security says invoice and fraud BEC attacks are increasing, compromising 14% of BEC attacks. In May, it increased by 3%.

Attacking an organization or a large enterprise by email is the most common, and sometimes the most successful because employees are the weakest link. As COVID-19 continues to impact the globe and employees are mainly working from home, this has been the best way for cybercriminals to place you and your organization under their control.

Emails look as if they are from a trusted sender, like your CEO, vendor or teammate to trick its target, you, into revealing sensitive information. Shared information of accounts, calendars and data leads to compromise. Lost information puts not only the company at risk, but also the individuals involved.

At times, it is extremely difficult to identify suspicious emails. It only takes one person to click on a link, image or download an attachment to comprise an entire network within seconds.

Phishing OneDrive email
Fake email leads to fake sign-in page that steals credentials

A study explains that 40% of respondents confessed their current email security solutions doesn’t protect them from malware and malicious attachments and links.

There are more statistics and details in the full article, but it is important your cybersecurity plan includes all the pieces to the puzzle for full protection.

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