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The Tenth Man Rule of Cybersecurity
14 January 2023
  It is always the right time to work toward improvement. Whether you’re among the small contingent of Americans still pursuing their New Year’s resolution...
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Cybersecurity Standards Are Designed To Protect Individuals’ Data
10 December 2022
As a 20+ year veteran of the United States Secret Service, providing protection for two sitting Presidents, it was incumbent for us to painstakingly ensure...
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How To Choose the Right Service Provider for Your Company
18 November 2022
Choosing the right partner is among the life events worth fretting over to ensure the best decision is ultimately the one made. The process usually entails...
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Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap With A Managed SOC
21 October 2022
The Information Technology world is saturated with daily operational challenges: patches that crash applications, newly discovered vulnerabilities (like...
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Why Human Response Is a Cybersecurity Imperative
09 September 2022
If an organization were to build an optimized cybersecurity posture from scratch, its priority should be to retain an experienced, well-trained, and curious...
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Be Brilliant with the Cybersecurity Basics
12 August 2022
Threat actors are relentless in their pursuit of your business-critical data and actively seek the path of least resistance to achieve their objectives....
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Why Proactive and Reactive Security Measures Must Co-Exist
15 July 2022
For tens of millions of Americans, the recent 4th of July holiday was an opportunity to relax, gather with friends and family, and celebrate the joys of...
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How Businesses Can Fortify Cyber Defenses Today
15 June 2022
For any business assessing its security posture for the first time or one finally ready to seriously secure its operations, the process is truly daunting....
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Cyber Insurance Brokers Partner with SpearTip to Minimize Claims and Increase Eligibility
13 May 2022
In the United States, small to mid-enterprise businesses (SMEs) account for 99.9% of all employers and, as such, are heavily targeted by threat actors...
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Constructing A Roadmap for Borderless Cyber Threats
08 April 2022
The United States Secret Service has a motto that every agent strives to affirm and demonstrate daily: “Worthy of Trust and Confidence”. Whether protecting...
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SpearTip’s 1st Law of Cybersecurity
12 March 2022
There is an axiom in the technology lexicon known as the 1st Law of Cybersecurity: “If there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited. No exceptions.”...
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Proactive Security Measures Can Save Your Business
18 February 2022
Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, once advised, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and...
MSP Ransomware
Managed Service Providers and the State of Ransomware
22 January 2022
As the SOC Manager overseeing the ShadowSpear department, Joshua Peebels leads multiple teams of diverse and skilled engineers and analysts as they work...
Jonathan Tock, Expert
Jonathan Tock Featured in News Broadcast and Article
04 January 2022
This article featuring Jonathan Tock, Senior Director at SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence, was written and published by Scripps National. By: Scripps...
2022 Predictions
7 Predictions for the 2022 Cyber Threat Landscape
10 December 2021
2021 was an unprecedented and all-together wild year regarding the cybersecurity landscape for many reasons: ransomware attacks rose over 100% from 2020,...
Forrester Research Reports on the Benefits of SpearTip’s ShadowSpear Platform
13 November 2021
SpearTip’s Senior Director of Operations, Joe Hoosech, commands SpearTip’s 24/7 Security Operations Center. Joe is a decorated Marine Corp Veteran who...
Ransomware Threat Continues to Evolve
Ransomware Threat Continues to Evolve
15 October 2021
SpearTip consistently looks for experts in the St Louis region to add to our list of technical capabilities. This month, SpearTip’s very own William (Billy)...
benjamin auton
Benjamin Auton Recognized in 2021, 40 Under 40 Class
01 October 2021
Every year, the St. Louis Business Journal creates a list of esteemed individuals in the area for their excellence and expertise. In this year’s 2021,...
charles tony - dubai
SpearTip Introduces Charles Tony, Regional Director of Middle East and North Africa
09 September 2021
SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Charles Tony. Charles will...
tim - global threats blog
Tim Reboulet’s First Hand Experience with Global Threats
23 August 2021
There are no borders when it relates to global cybersecurity.  Interpol and Europol are unique organizations leading the way when it comes to global security...
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