charles tony - dubai
SpearTip Introduces Charles Tony, Regional Director of Middle East and North Africa
09 September 2021
SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Regional Director of the Middle East and North Africa, Charles Tony. Charles will...
tim - global threats blog
Tim Reboulet’s First Hand Experience with Global Threats
23 August 2021
There are no borders when it relates to global cybersecurity.  Interpol and Europol are unique organizations leading the way when it comes to global security...
global security
Global Security Operations Lead The Way
27 July 2021
Global Security Operations continue to lead the way when responding to major security breaches that impact virtually every market segment in a post-covid...
SpearTip Adds Principal Consultant, Tim Reboulet
27 July 2021
SpearTip is excited to introduce one of the newest members of our team, Principal Consultant, Tim Reboulet. Tim Reboulet has over 20 years of international...
Long-Term Effects of Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack
Long-Term Effects of Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack
10 June 2021
On Friday, May 7, the Colonial Pipeline disclosed a ransomware attack that they said forced the company to halt operations and freeze IT systems. The Colonial...
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Social Media Accounts Compromised to Target Corporations
14 May 2021
500 million users on Facebook and LinkedIn, each, had personal identifiable information (PII) leaked onto dark web forums. On Saturday, April 4, Business...
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Stopping State-Sponsored Threats Like Hafnium
09 April 2021
Thousands of companies have been affected by security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange on-premise servers. The flaws are impacting organizations throughout...
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SolarWinds Breach Prompting Mandatory Reporting Requirements
12 March 2021
The SolarWinds Breach has maintained headlines due to the impact on organizations across the market as court hearings begin heating up for the company....
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Why Ransomware Attack Activity Can Be Unpredictable
15 February 2021
In the fourth quarter of 2020, we saw, for the first time in the last year, a decline in average ransomware payment by almost $100,000. This decline, however,...
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The Long-Term Implications of the SolarWinds Breach
22 January 2021
The SolarWinds breach is one of the largest cyberattacks of 2020, impacting 425 of the US Fortune 500 companies, the top ten telecommunications companies,...
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2021 Expectations - What will the Cybersecurity Landscape Look Like?
22 January 2021
“We’re nearing the end of the fourth quarter. How can I prepare for 2021 and enhance my cybersecurity plan?” For organizations that did not make cybersecurity...
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Cybersecurity Decisions from High Level Management
22 January 2021
SpearTip’s ShadowSpear® Platform Protecting & Responding To Ransomware Attacks The rise in cybersecurity threats amidst the coronavirus pandemic has...
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The Recent Threats from Ryuk Ransomware on the Healthcare Industry
22 January 2021
“I recently heard that cyber criminals had planned a large-scale Ryuk ransomware attack on healthcare facilities. What does this mean and how do I keep...
Threat Actors Actively Targeting IT Managed Service Providers
19 October 2020
Threat actors have been targeting IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a ferocious cadence, where companies are allowing third-party MSPs the responsibility...
Is Cybersecurity a Competitive Advantage? 
21 August 2020
“Cybersecurity continues to make headline news, most recently with Garmin being attacked by WastedLocker (ransomware) via Evil Corp, a nation-state affiliated...
investing in cybersecurity
The Importance of Investing in Cybersecurity During a Crisis
19 June 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – June 2020 As much as you try to plan for the future, there will always be unexpected events. Throughout every...
Cyber-Aware CEO
The Key to Being a Cyber-Aware CEO
26 May 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – May 2020 As a CEO, you encounter new and challenging risks daily, and on bad days, an hourly basis. From a financial...
return to ransomware
Returning to Ransomware
15 May 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – May 2020 There are mixed emotions and challenges to consider when returning remote employees to the workplace....
cybersecurity - pandemic
Cybersecurity Crisis Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic
26 March 2020
Cyber criminals thrive on chaos, making cybersecurity crisis management vital. Jarrett Kolthoff, SpearTip CEO provides insight to IoT World Today on what...
exploiting searches
Cyber Criminals Exploiting Searches for Coronavirus Info
26 March 2020
Jonathan Tock explains the online trends SpearTip is seeing cyber criminals during this time. Please be extra mindful of what you are clicking!
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