working from home
Working from Home Means Greater Cyber Risk
26 March 2020
Listen to Jonathan Tock’s interview with KMOX News about what you need to do to ensure your company’s information stays secure when working from home....
Security Metrics
6 Security Metrics That Matter - and 4 That Don't
26 March 2020
Check out CSO Online’s new article about which cybersecurity metrics are important and which don’t matter. In it, Jarrett Kolthoff, SpearTip CEO explains...
data privacy policy
Sound Data Privacy Policy Can Drive Market Differentiation
26 March 2020
Data breaches are becoming increasingly severe and there is an increased responsibility for companies to handle consumer data in the right way. Benjamin...
private data breaches
Chinese Leverage Private Data Breaches for Espionage
25 March 2020
SpearTip was featured in Advisen Ltd.’s Front Page News CyberRisk edition bringing to light China’s goal of leveraging private data breaches for espionage.
cyber crisis
Reducing the Risk of a Cyber Crisis
25 March 2020
Life support equipment can be reprogrammed or terminated, resulting in patient deaths. Once cyber criminals have accessed a health care organization’s...
data breaches mitigations
True Costs of a Data Breach Begin When Mitigation Ends
13 March 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – March 2020 Our CEO insists that the cost of a data breach is overblown and that because we’re not a global company...
Gap analysis, interview, internal defense, data classification review, zero day, criminal network monitoring,
Understanding the Pros and Cons of In-House Security Operations Centers (SOC)
14 February 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – February 2020 Our Board of Directors asked me to determine the feasibility of bringing all cybersecurity functions...
zero day
What is Zero Day Vulnerability & 5 Ways to Combat It
17 January 2020
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – January 2020 Our nonprofit is woefully under protected against cyberthreats, so I’m making a presentation to...
courts - cybersecurity
Courts Broaden Cybersecurity Responsibilities for Boards of Directors
27 December 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – Book of Lists I understand that recent legal decisions have potentially increased Board Member liability as...
supply chain - cyberattacks
Keep Your Supply Chain from Opening You to Cyberattacks
06 December 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – December 2019 We’re a mid-sized, fast-growing company with serious concerns about our supply chain security...
cybersecurity - 4th Quarter
It’s 4th Quarter. Is Your Cybersecurity Plan Ready for 2020?
08 November 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – November 2019 Our company has decent cybersecurity protocols, but it seems like we’re always playing catch up....
every minute counts
Every Minute Counts: How You Should Respond To Ransomware
25 October 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – October 2019 One of our suppliers was recently paralyzed by a ransomware attack. No one knew what to do – they...
being monitored
The Dangerous Difference Between Being Protected and Being Monitored
20 September 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – September 2019 Our cyber security “partner” recently contacted us to say they had “discovered unusual activity...
operational technology cloud
Ignoring Operational Technology Security Could Doom Your Business
10 July 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column Operational Technology Could Become Your Achilles Heel As more people focus on their IT security and upgrade...
unpatched vulnerability
One-Third Of Breaches Caused By Known Unpatched Vulnerabilities
21 June 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – June 2019 The inbox has been filled with fantastic questions over the past few weeks. And that means great information...
cybersecurity insurance
Does Your Cybersecurity Insurance Really Protect You?
31 May 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – May 2019 The headlines have been filled recently with stories about cybersecurity insurance providers refusing...
cybersecurity provider
3 Critical Questions To Ask Your Cybersecurity Provider
03 May 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – April 2019 I recently received several e-mails from people asking some very pointed questions about cybersecurity...
cybersecurity with legal
7 Ways To Look At Cybersecurity With Legal In Mind
08 March 2019
Business Journal Ask the Expert Column – March 2019 As many of you know, I prefer a diverse mix of questions in each addition of Ask The Expert. But...
vulnerabilities, plugins, wordpress themes, attackers, access
WordPress Brute Force Attacks: Protecting Your Web Presence
28 February 2019
WordPress has the distinction of being one of the most popular blogging systems on the Internet and is used in an estimated 70 million websites worldwide....
adware, spyware, keyloggers, fake antivirus software
Malware: Open Warfare in Cyberspace and the Increasing Malware Threat
28 February 2019
Over the years, the definition of the term “virus” has become quite broad and tends to create confusion in the marketplace. When people discuss what is...
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