Since FireEye’s red team tools have been compromised by a state-sponsored threat group, it is unclear how they will utilize them. Red team tools are used in simulated penetration tests on the offensive and gauged by the defensive blue team to assess the security strength of an organization.

It’s concerning knowing the threat group has successfully obtained these red team tools because they can be used to infiltrate networks of organizations with far less security capability. The security tools stolen include simple scripts for automation to frameworks that are similar to CobaltStrike and Metasploit.

FireEye does have public facing tools in their open-source virtual machine, but these tools are for simple detection mechanisms.

On the upside, it is reassuring to know no zero-day exploits were in the tools taken by the threat actors. However, FireEye released countermeasures to easily recognize these tools if they appear in the wild.

If you learn anything from the FireEye breach, you should realize how any company is not completely safe from threat actors. Companies need to be extra mindful of their security posture. If you aren’t using any proactive cybersecurity services, like what SpearTip offers, the time to consider them is now.

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