Headquartered in Kansas, Garmin is still affected after 5 days due to an apparent ransomware attack leaving their stock falling and customers fleeing.

Let us outline what is functional now.

The following platforms are online:

  • Garmin Drive
  • Garmin Golf
  • LiveTrack

The following features are up and running:

  • Activity Details and Uploads
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Segmetns
  • Incident Detection and Assistance
  • Device Registration

This is what we know so far.

HOW: Unknown

Who: Allegedly, WastedLocker ransomware attacked their entire infrastructure

What: Ransomware

Where: Garmin

When: July 23

Why: If it is WastedLocker, it is known to attack corporate networks, whom can pay millions of dollars for the ransom

We looked into this cyberattack and can conclude there is an active ransomware attack. A Garmin smartwatch user told us her watch is not operating at all.

If you visit their website, the black banner details the worldwide outage. More messages like this are dispersed throughout their website as well.

Their social media accounts provide an explanation of the impact.

As of July 23, Garmin Ltd.’s stock dropped. The other two images describe the stock information as well based on day and time.

It isn’t yet confirmed if Garmin had a cybersecurity plan in place. Ransomware attacks are not slowing down. Business disruptions are never a good thing. Not only is Garmin not operating, but also their brand reputation is suffering all for what could have been prevented by effective security tools, procedures and people.

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