Who: Meow

What: A cyberattack that destroys data without any explanation

When: Recently

Where: Attacked Elasticsearch and MongoDB (the two most popular distributed datastores used to manage NoSQL data)

Why: To destroy the databases that leave themselves open and exposed online without any security access controls

How: The automated attack script overwrites database indexes with random numerical strings with “meow” appended.

Meow doesn’t leave a ransom note. Shodan, a search engine that lets the user find specific types of computers connected to the internet using a variety of filters, reveals numerous databases attacked. Those being attacked aren’t receiving a notice but are having their entire data wiped.

The motive is unknown for these types of attacks. Little to no information is available about these cyber crooks.

Luckily this can serve as a lesson learned in cybersecurity for administrators, directors, manager, etc. responsible for cybersecurity at their organization. It is not a matter of if, but when an attack impacts you and your organization. Instill security knowledge in your employees for a better cybersecurity posture. Knowing your risk will do wonders for not only you as an individual, but also the entire organization.

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