Honda systems were breached recently as a part of a ransomware attack shutting down parts of their business operation. The SpearTip team has identified and been aware of this specific attacker’s activity; read our blog on what we discovered about SNAKE Ransomware. Being aware of these emerging threats through proper cyber counterintelligence allows our team to develop security and plans to keep this from happening. According to Honda, they have been forced to stop operations in certain regions surely resulting in reduced stock value along with missed production deadlines.

Most of the time, groups like SNAKE will force victims to make payments for access to their important information, a form of data exfiltration and then the act of extortion. Snake ransomware is not known to auction the data off, but they do in fact host the data on a dark web server if the client fails to pay the ransom in a reasonable amount of time. Honda has not commented on if they are planning on paying the ransom.

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