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Threat Actors Switching Tactics Increases Business Email Compromise Attacks
06 June 2023
Business email fraud is on the rise as the Federal Burau of Investigation (FBI) have reported more than 21,000 complaints with adjusted losses totaling...
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Cybersecurity Isn’t One Size Fits All: Here’s Why
05 June 2023
Technology and innovation have become essential for companies to remain competitive, and digital transformation is nearly critical for companies looking...
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Understanding BEC and How to Prevent the Attacks
03 June 2023
The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 21,832 business email compromise and email account compromise reports in 2022, resulting in damages...
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4 Red Flags That Can Indicate a Possible Cyber Scam
01 June 2023
Scam tactics share similar characteristics, whether they come as emails, voice messages, phone calls, or even showing up at peoples’ houses. Scam...
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How To Keep Up with Ever-Changing Cybersecurity Landscape
31 May 2023
The importance of cybersecurity in today’s modern world can’t be overstated. Nowadays, the business landscape is digital, and companies’ first responsibility...
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3 Common Initial Attack Vectors Used in Ransomware Campaigns
30 May 2023
Numerous ransomware threat operators employ one of three main vectors to infiltrate networks and obtain access to companies’ vital systems and data....
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Data Backups Are More Effective Than Paying Ransom to Recover Data
29 May 2023
Because ransomware threat actors want to spend as little time as possible within companies’ systems, their encryption is shoddy and frequently corrupts...
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7 Common Cyberattacks and How To Prevent Them
28 May 2023
The United States has been battered by a rising number of cyberattacks in recent years, with a roughly 60% increase in attacks in 2022. As technology advances,...
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Efforts From Governments and Industries in Preventing Ransomware Paying Off
27 May 2023
Even though it may appear contradictory given the frequency of ransomware attacks, these crippling cyberattacks will diminish for the first time in 2023...
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Threat Actors Develop New Tactics To Increase Ransom Payments
25 May 2023
Ransomware continues to be one of the most serious cybersecurity threats that companies and governments face. However, as companies consciously refuse...
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New Info-Stealing Malware Operations You Need to Know
24 May 2023
Numerous malware operations are competing for cybercriminal clients by encouraging greater evasion and increased ability to steal victims’ data in the...
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Ransomware Group Targeting Education Orgs Using PaperCut Bug
23 May 2023
According to a joint advisory issued by the FBI and CISA, the Bl00dy Ransomware group is currently exploiting a PaperCut remote-code execution vulnerability...
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How Companies Can Defend Against Insider Threats
22 May 2023
Business owners put a lot of time, effort, and money into growing their operations. The owners work hard to establish a strong company culture, hire the...
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6 Key Strategies to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk
20 May 2023
It takes security teams an average of 277 days to identify and mitigate a data breach. With a single cyberattack that can cost United States companies...
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New Ransomware Group, Akira, Targeting Global Enterprises
18 May 2023
A new ransomware group, Akira, is quietly amassing a victim list as it breaches global companies’ networks, encrypts files, and demands million-dollar...
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5-Year-Old Vulnerability in TBK DVR Devices Exploited
17 May 2023
An unpatched 2018 authentication bypass vulnerability in exposed TBK DVR (digital video recording) devices is being actively exploited by threat operators....
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Five Eyes Nations Face Growing Ransomware Threat
16 May 2023
Ransomware is the most severe threat to Five Eyes collation nations, and it’s worsening with financial gain no longer being the sole goal for threat...
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North Korean Threat Group Finds Security Gaps with New Recon Tool
15 May 2023
The North Korean Kimsuky operating group has been seen using a new version of its reconnaissance malware, called “ReconShark,” in a global...
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New DDoS Botnet Malware Exploiting Critical RCE Ruckus Flaw
13 May 2023
“AndoryuBot,” a new malware, is attempting to infect unpatched Wi-Fi access points for use in DDoS attacks by exploiting a critical-severity flaw in the...
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Threat Operators Evade Detection Using Double DDL Sideloading
11 May 2023
An APT threat operating group called “Dragon Breath,” “Golden Eye Dog,” or “APT-Q-27” is displaying a new trend of various complex versions of the basic...
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